happy b-day to me!

it's not really my birthday until wednesday.

I have prezzies, tho! My folks sent me some $ to go shoppin', and I got some lovely bargains. For the record, I think if God wears shoes, they're quite possibly Skechers. ohso-ohso-comfie! (and cute, of course.) Shallow, yes. A girl, yes. Enjoying my new goodies, yes. It makes waiting for vacation a bit less stressful, a bit more festive. Is there anything better than bouncy new shoes!? glee.

knitting, um...haven't done any today. Really need to get cracking on the poncho. Need to work on Airy scarf(alas, have to start over. Too big of boo-boo to ignore. evidence of my lack of technique while KIP.) Want to start a dishcloth and the catbed. Trying to figure out what projects to take on trip...won't have internet patterns at hand, and can't take WHOLE stash!!

every night before I go to bed, I do 'gratitudes.' A psychotic self-absorbed buddy years ago was advised to do these by her shrink. It's a wonderful way to keep the world in perspective. I just list the things that I'm grateful for that day. Sometimes it's petty things like new shoes, sometimes it's being relieved to hear a loved one feels better. I try to put some global perspective in as well, acknowledging the blessing of a home, warmth, healthy body, and abundant food.

It makes fussing over packing, living without the internet, making frivolous decisions, and scowling at my messy apartment seem...well...silly. Give the gratitudes a try sometime...makes the world seem pretty mahvelous.

especially with new skechers.


no, no...not 3 ponchos.

the same poncho. Attempt #3.

I'm happy when I read other blogs of projects that get frogged over 'n over 'n over 'n.... I feel a LITTLE less silly.

The smaller needles made a lovely fabric. I was thoroughly enjoying the knitting. A lightbulb went off as I fell asleep...the poncho was going to weigh 50 lbs and be warmer than a winter coat. Ribbit. Fewer stitches, back on bigger needles (as was suggested to me by wiser ones in the first place....) 1/2-way done now, lookin' good.

Vacation...1 week. I'm very excited. I'm somewhat stressed. I'm a horrible packer. The notion of backpacking across Europe makes me giggle...me and my staff carrying 50 annex backpacks maybe! Aaaah, to be a carefree girl with a black t-shirt and khakis and no luggage. hmmmm....I still have a week to become that girl. hmmmm. upside: I think I'll clean my closet today and put together a box (or 20)of things to give to charity.

Question...has anyone ever left 2 (indoor) cats alone for 8 days?? I'm not having any luck finding a catsitter!!


a new dream

I did it.

I frogged the poncho. I'm going from 39 stitches to 29, and size 19 needles to 13. I think it's gonna work. I hope it's gonna work! :-) (will she EVER just use a pattern??) I can feel a change in my knitting, just in the past few weeks. The first version of MND was a chore of counting, feeling lost. Tonite, I just felt a flow and the stitches seemed to count themselves. Soooo much more relaxing. (good chai at Kidd's coffeehouse didn't hurt!)

also worked on Airy scarf. Mohair thread...not so relaxing. I'm sure it will be beautiful in the end, but...I'll be working on it in private where I can swear unheard!

Now....sleep. I really really really hope I can sleep! The insomnia demons have been attacking for a few weeks and I'm turning into a zombie.

Big glass of warm milk time.

(hmmm...it's raining outside. A perfect peaceful sound for SLEEPING.)


spring green

made a scarf yesterday.
I like the pattern, yo drop it from SnB Nation, even tho I seem destined to start over more than finish things. (cast on waaaay too many stitches and was just loving the process of knitting far too much to notice the scarf was too wide for a foot or so.) Yes, she's one of the slow ones.... I seem to just enjoy the tactile nature of the yarns and the pretty colors long before the pattern of the FO sinks in. Same happened with poncho that's begging me to get to it today...

Happy Spring Green to everyone!

(teddy generously modeled.)

pattern: yo drop it, SnB Nation
yarn: Classic Elite Tinsel color 7481
needle: plastic US11
dates: 03.19.05...1 day!

OTN: airy scarf from Last Minute Gifts in pale lime green mohair/silk


Happy All-things-Irish day!

Today is a big day for my family.
When I was little, the leprechauns would come in the night leaving (chocolate) gold coins, presents, and green oatmeal and orange juice. Go figure that I was often ill that day! More importantly, though...it's my parents' anniversary. Happy 49th!!

There are a few boo-boos in this that I wish were more invisible, but I just couldn't see tinking ANY more of this (I swear I'm going to start taking garter projects to SnB/work!!) I'm going to try blocking it, maybe that will make it more perfect, ha. It was a really soft cotton to work with, I love my brittany needles, and I learned a new stitch! Not a bad project for the week. So....Mom and Dad...happy anniversary! hugs!


(color is much prettier sage green than in this pic!)

pattern: shamrock dishcloth
yarn: elsebeth lavold Cotton Patine designer's choice, 100% combed cotton color 09
needles: brittany US6
dates: 03.14.05-03.17.05

p.s. the cats are FINALLY getting along tonite! hurrah! (and, knock on wood that it lasts....)

blocked version 03.20.05...looks much better in person than pic, thank goodness...
shamrock blocked


a-swatchin' I go...

Knitting actual projects today would have been swell, but...I needed to learn a few skills/stitches first, so had a playful swatch day.

Started off teaching self how to work 2 colors (intarsia? not sure.) I was pleased about the joins in the same row, but was a bit confused when I tried to zig my zag. I'm not sure how to match up the purls...same column? the one I'm zagging to?
OK...most people would use a book/teacher/friend to learn this. Nope. Just trial and error. Also, I could only figure out how to do this in stockinette. When I tried using garter, my 2nd color was always danglin' from opposite side.
more "hmmm..."
Thank goodness for online groups and my SnB! Here's the view of THAT practice:

2 color swatch

The 2nd thing was learning *Yrn, P2tog* 2 times, after either K or P stitches. I only knew how to YO by having yarn on 'wrong' side. Today we learned fancy wrappin'! hurrah! Wonderful help was found here and from Ann (thanks!) on KnittingNovices. My loverly results:


Now I can finish working on the _______ for my parents' anniversary! (they're St Pat's lovebirds, 49 years!)

other news:
  • My usually sweet cats are being evil. Pure evil. Wanted to start the catbed from SnB handbook, but, noooooo, I don't think so. Listening to screaming and meowing all day was not proper inspiration, my dearies.
  • Tasty cheesy poofs that were on sale at CVS are not conducive to fingers clean enough for knitting (altho I have seen a garish orange yarn before that would allow swatching AND eating cheesy poofs!)
  • The poncho still isn't frogged. Just need to do it. Want to have it remade before vacation!
  • weekends are NOT long enough!


to sleep or play...

pattern: catwarming mouse from SnB Nation
yarn: sugar n cream (colors? denim blue and cherry swirl?)
needles: brittany #4 and dpn4
dates: 02.16.05-02.21.05

I think Murray would really like this mouse if I actually let him play with it.
He's touched it.
He's thrilled it's stuffed with jingle bells and has one stitched onto tail tip (bells from Michael's.)
I suppose now that it has photo proof of existing...I can...sniffle...actually let him play with (aka chew/destroy) it.


it's a washcloth

my first washcloth!
pattern: flying geese
yarn: sugar n cream countryside ombre

needles: bamboo US7
start: 03.07.05
complete: 03.09.05

still haven't really got around to getting this blog-worthy.
felt urge to post regardless.

made a washcloth this week.

Decided to frog the poncho and try smaller needles, smaller scaled pattern, and MEASURE it this time. Doing things freeform is definitely relaxing/creative/energizing, but...ya take the results ya get!

It's been a sad week in knitville. After the washcloth, I hung up my needles for a few days. (ok, I snuck a swatch in!) I seem to be developing some sort of thumb/wrist ailment (carpal tunnel? or just overuse?) I used the hand a LOT at work this week, so maybe it just needs rest and less time on small needles. I got one of those thermogenic wrist/hand braces. I think it will help while I'm on the computer, but not sure it's ideal all the time. Fingers turning blue from suffocation might be a bad sign. heehee.

The bright side... the time off will give me opportunity to turn poncho into yarn.

happy knitting, all!


done...for today.

here's the...um...poncho.
the shape isn't so hot, and it's toooo big. needs neckline.
Just not emotionally able to frog it today (or ever!??!)

is it a poncho?

wanted to set the blog up today.
want it to be fabulous.
lesson of the day: new knitters should perhaps not try major projects without a pattern.
probably a good plan for blogs, too....

I'll post pics, tell my story, etc. soon. I'm just scratching my head for now trying to decide if I can indeed call this a poncho. hmmmmmm.... Maybe I'll get the advice of the wise ones at SnB tomorrow. Regardless, the knitting was a joy for fingers and eyes. Just need a FO that equals that!!

Hope you stop by again...I'll try to set this up soon!

midsummer night's dream

test photo....