no knitting news here

I haven't finished any projects since last post.
Tootsie Roll pillow has seen progress.
My social life has seen progress.
I got nothin'.

(I will pat self on back that I've resisted all craft/yarn purchases for a couple weeks now!)

My secret pal asked me to post an ACTION! pic of the bag she made me. Without further ado...

bag from sp5, summer 2005


Project updates

just knitting.
No exciting recipes to share, no tales to tell, no sunsets to view.
just knitting.

Tootsie Roll makes my hands happy. I'm starting to wobble on its beauty as a pillow, but it's a divine knit. I hung out at starbucks friday nite listening to an unexpected 'concert' and worked a few inches (with plenty of curious glances regarding this bold KIPing.) How often does one innocently head out for a chai and get to listen to really good guitar/singing? Tootsie recorded it. Last nite, I watched the Aviator (good enough movie, but kept thinking...END already!) and did another few rounds. So...pillow: 3 movies, 1 sunset, 1 concert.

tootsie roll WIP

In early July I sent my secret pal a big ole package that was enough to cover my SP obligation, but I feel bad that I haven't been sending her other little goodies. Mail is always a good thing. So, I tried to whip up a washcloth for her this week. My knit group didn't really make me think that this would be the bestest gift to get (the pattern disappointed me.) I've kept my last 2 washcloth experiments...debating whether to go ahead and send this, just so she knows I'm thinking of her. hmmmm....

yellow tiny cable washcloth

pattern: tiny cables washcloth
yarn: sugar and cream daisy ombre
needles: US7 fiddlesticks bamboo
dates: 8.1.05-8.2.05

quick pic of felted quatro. Still need to make the strap, having a few problems with color choices. I knew what I wanted in my head, but found that wouldn't work with the i-cord. Back to scheming.

quatro felted, minus strap

(including before pic again to compare)
quatro before felting

SP: I wasn't able to get a pic of your bag in action yet. My camera batteries died at SnB last week, and it's hard to take a pic of myself USING something. It's being enjoyed, tho...I promise.

Speaking of knitting group...we're officially part of Barnes & Noble's roster now! We all grabbed our cameras to get pics with the store sign. Knitters...taking over the world. One coffeeshop and bookstore at a time... A bunch of this group is heading to Toledo in a few months for a knitfest. Non-knitters are picturing grannies sitting around being boring. Ha! Maybe there WILL be some grannies, but I promise that the knitters WON'T be boring! Maybe a hotel lobby full of partying gals (and guys...?) with sticks 'n string will help that image change! I've already taken the day off from work for the festivities (no pressure there, Bonnie! heh.) Still need to decide on workshops, hotel, etc.

Cotton Ease Hoarding (CEHD) is still in need of a cure. I think we've at least wiped the town out of stock. I had a big score this week...7 balls of Strawberry Creme. I'm planning to use it for the Sitcom Chic cardigan (with a bit of tweaking,) and perhaps a tank under it. I got Bob and myself some Licorice. The stash is maxed out. NO MORE.

I'm being summoned now to go out for some Indian yumminess. It's been so hot still, eating isn't really a priority...good for waistline, tho! I'm sure a samosa or 2 will have my name on it anyway!