ocean waves

The best start to a day:

beach sunrise waves

The end of March was our 3rd 'spring break'/my birthday getaway. This year, T let me pick the beach. I can spend hours just walking along the coast. The weather was a bit frightful (lotsa chilly wind,) but the sunrises were perfect. Warm enough, calm air, and I usually had a long stretch of the beach to myself.

sunrise beach

Of course, I had to do a vacation LYS tour. First up was Island Knits. The owner was pleasant, and I picked up some Mirasol for Beth to thank her for the sock cast-on, and a ball of Linen Isle for myself. I decided I don't need stash, but expanding my fiber exposure for a washcloth was necessary for educational purposes...

Our second yarn store visit was Joyfilled gifts. T found some cuff links by a local artist, and I got 3 balls of Hempathy in ocean-y colors for a towel (again, purely for fiber experimentation!)

Back home, the SnB gang checked out the latest digs for Fiberge followed by a trip to OPH. I picked up some Lantern Moon ebony straights...it only seemed right to have the vacation yarn knit up on yummy needles!

sunrise waves washcloth 04.08b

After a lot of searching for ocean-themed washcloths, I finally picked this version of feather and fan. I love the feel of the waves, and the pink with sandy tan flecks takes me back to my sunrises.

We left the cats at home with this critter...they deserved some ocean fun, too!
olly the octopus 03.08
(olly the octopus from The Book of Yarn.)

Finally, just in case I forget my mornings, I brought home 12 seconds of bliss.


ways to cope

This was one of the worstest weeks ever. (wow, how's that for a chipper intro....)

T got me these. (so beautiful. so me. so sweet.)


I got me these. (photo stolen from World Market site since my pic wasn't so hot.)

new bedset

My room has always been green/blue/purple/yellow, soft tones. My life is changing; I'm ready for a red room.

And a yellow hat. (pic to follow as soon as there is some light.) Using a sunshine-y (read:oh-so-bright-yellow) smooshy soft lovely Malabrigo. My secret weapon to 1/1 cables? A toothpick, baby. Yes, a toothpick. And it works just great. My lust for this hat was a product of seeing Beth's lovely orange one.

I promise I'll try to use real words and real sentences as soon as the world feels real again. Thanks to all who have been sweet, supportive, and encouraging. I'll be really darn grateful to have you around in the coming days/weeks/????.

Happy knittin'.



I need a nap.
I spent the past week just trying to remember my blogger login.
Finally found my way in from my flickr pics.
New knits are there, and I try to keep up on Ravelry (whimZknits.)

Friends/family have hounded encouraged me to blog, tho, so I'll try to get this going again. Miss y'all anyway.

see you soon.