UNEXPECTEDly bold, bright, approachable

"what are you knitting?" the curious passerby asked at the bookstore.
that's it, I think, i'll hook them with freaky projects... "um...not really sure."
"ah. I'm just getting into knitting. Looks fun."
another one lured closer for our side.

I dubbed it the french market scarf. It just reminds me of the net shopping bags I've seen knitted/crocheted. But a scarf. It's really not all that pretty, but it does get attention! It seems to make ME bolder, too. I struck up conversations with a few strangers while I had it on. The UNEXPECTED secret powers of the yarn. Must remember to wear it on shy days!
pattern: YoDropIt, SnB Nation...sorta
yarn: sugar 'n cream color playtime
needles: clover #19
dates: 04.25.05-04.27.05

There was a rare sighting of a washclothus pipercleanii butterfly this week. I managed to capture it on film.
butterfly washcloth042605

Of course, I made it with the intent of it being a WASHCLOTH, dish or face. Alas, the butterfly was deemed too pretty to undo, so she plans to leave it on her table tied up. hmmmmmm. Cool that she likes it...maybe it will be freed post-spring to live out its intended life.
The catbed is ALMOST done. The top was pieced together, and seamed to the bottom. Just need to reinforce the sides now. ...I probably should have done the pattern as it was written, the sides ARE kinda short. I'm happy with it, tho. The seams are delightfully invisible (hurray for chunky yarns!!) I don't think I needed to make the large version, but it will protect extra furniture surface from cathair! Now...I just need to convince her to USE IT!!! (the suggested catnip will work on Murr, not her.)
Started a _______ for Mom for Mum's Day. Enough about that...
non-knitting stuff:
LIMITED EDITION Haagen Dazs Banana Split Ice Cream. Yum.

weather=ick. Good for knitting. Not good for spring walks/flowers.

watched 2nd Bridget Jones movie...my life except for 2 gorgeous co-stars fighting for me, time in a Thai prison singing Madonna, and being British. Oh, and she didn't have cats. Watched Attack Of the Clones (much belatedly)...ready for new Star Wars movie!!

Could life be more exciting??? ...need to wear the scarf more, perhaps. BOLD.


beds (not mine,) scarves, and washcloths.

Beds- I should use mine more. However, if I did, there'd be less time to knit. I have 3 nites of knitting groups this week, and am plotting a 4th. KnitslutQueen, she shall be!
princess' bed is chugging along.
Alas, ran out of yarn on weekend, and grrrrrr Hobby Lobby's no Sunday hours...well...the knitting had a break. Should be done this week. Meanwhile, princess has given her official approval of the base.

princess' bed base 042305

Scarves- I started one tonite...sorta. Bought some sugar and cream in terribly bright pink/orange/yellow colorway in case I got bored with other projects at SnB tonite. After I ran out of yarn for main project...I started a YoDropIt scarf on #19 needles just to be silly. Haven't decided if I like it. Good for giggles, anyway. Does one make scarves that look like they should be a market bag???

Washcloths- I did NOT start one tonite in SandC yarn that is NOT green. I DID finish the one for the office mgr. Here's a closeup of the stitch. Beyond that...it's... a washcloth. (I like it.) I even folded it into an adorable butterfly AFTER my camera battery died. Maybe I'll get a pic tomorrow a.m.
oct20stitch closeup 042505
pattern: Perpetual Calendar October 20th with 3 stitch seed border
yarn: bernat cottontots color Koolade
needles: addi turbo #6...yeah, I bit the forbidden addi apple.
dates: 04/20/05-04/25/05

I should probably revisit that bed issue now!

To the visitors that mailed me: Thanks for the blog compliments and well-wishes for my mom!

g'nite, all! (that's me trying to act like I'm actually going to go to bed like a sane person would...)



Well...that was a week.
My mom was in hospital having a very not lovely time for 7 days. The good news...she's home now and seems on the mend. hurrah. HUGS, mom!!

knittin' news:
The cat bed is purring along. (sorry, that's bad.) The base is done, and I'm working on the sides. The garter seemed insanely boring to me when I began, but the past few days I've learned how wonderfully relaxing that can be...soft yarn on fingers, mindless rows back and forth. I did change the pattern a bit before I decided that, tho. The sides seemed higher than I needed, so doing shallower pieces that will end up needing seamed. We'll see!

Started a quick washcloth for the office manager at work. I needed her assistance quite a bit this week, and even tho she wanted me to bribe her with baked goods, she's getting knitting. She was skeptical that I could make a non-wintery item. ha! However, considering the forecast here this weekend....a scarf wouldn't be out of order! Using the double woven stitch from Perpetual Calandar (october 20th) after seeing it done on another site. Shows off the variegated yarn festively. Will post pic/details when done.

SnB was fun this week....both nites. Yes, I'm a knitslut. I'll knit with anyone. heh. There are groups popping up all over town, and it's so fun to meet the new folks, and enjoy the familiar faces (like fellow knitslut Bob.) Speaking of Bob, I bought some yarn this week that is not green. I hadn't really realized my fondness for green yarn until he commented. So, while my fingers reached out to fondle the lovely sages and limes at LYS...I went with a flame color combo (like his phoenix socks.) Hopefully it will show up in future post on its way to becoming a purselet.

I've upgraded my apartment from condemned to messy pit so far this weekend. It's a start. I'm sure the chores will lazily be done, but it's feeling soooooo good to stay in PJs with nowhere to be! Maybe a few more rows on catbed before cleaning resumes... (knitting before chores? there's a surprise.)

Happy knitting and weekend to all!


miss me?

well, I've been back almost a week. Forgot to blog pre-trip and been too lazy this week! Must be residual sand on the brain (lovely lovely beach walks last week! And a trip to the Masters course.)

Quick catch up....

'finished' the poncho. Still don't like it very much. Maybe some crocheting will make it lovely. or a different shaped wearer...

Made a washcloth on vaca. No big thing, BUT BUT BUT...I actually used it last nite! (So far I haven't been able to use the 'practical' things I've made.) I rather liked the feel of it. We'll see how it washes up. I like the edging on it, tho it felt strange to knit. It's a yfwd, slip 3 at end of row, knit all 3 on next row...applied I-cord. (not blocked at all for its photo op)

blue washcloth 04.05

pattern: checkerboard washcloth
yarn: Sugar 'n Cream
color:some blue...um...denim? dunno
needles: bamboo US7
dates: 03.28.05-04.02.05

Started the SnB CatBed sunday nite (but not in fun fur.) It's EVER so soft. They were very good kitties while I was gone, so I'm finally inspired to work on it. Can't you tell how excited Murr was to have me home?!?

murr and me 04.09.05

I just printed out a pic I took of Tiger in Augusta last week to show off to boss who adores him (kiss up? me?!?!?)

Also, local SnBs got a big hype in local street mag this week. Yours truly has a pic in it even (tho I'm not really loving the pic choice.) Kinda exciting, eh. Just wish the article credited Shawn for founding our group! (and the wonderful caution tape bag was done by Angel.) So, there's the excitement in my li'l world.

...or something like that.

happy knitting all!