byebye '05

I'll try to post some pics of the past 4-5 months knitting projects soon, but today I just wanna wish y'all a wonderful New Year! Thanks for hanging in there with me this fall/winter. I see that I still get a lot of hits even without posting! I'm gonna work on that.
Be happy, be well, and Knit On!

Inspired to list it and 'live out loud' by Crazy Aunt Purl, I'll let blogville see my good intentions (we don't do resolutions in WhimZland.)

(again stealing from Laurie, I'll chop it up in categories)

1. Just get the closet cleaned out already. I bought a shelving unit, and most of the closet's contents need to go away. I'm not likely to be skinny and 25 again, and the memory keepsakes can be in my head instead of my closet. JUST CLEAN IT OUT.
2. Give the bedroom some style. Paint it, clean it out, get some carpet, make it look like a place for a grownup to live.
3. Buy a dustmask and attack the basement storage again. I know there's a sewing machine down there SOMEwhere. (really, this one is only slightly my fault. If ya knew my landlord...)

1. Lose a few pounds. I'll be happier.
2. Do yoga. It feels good.
3. Sleep more, read blogs less (ack!)
4. Keep trying to smile when in public. The smiles I'm getting back, especially from tired holiday shoppers, feel great.
5. Dance at home. I used to boogy all the time; it's a good way to rev the engine.
6. Communicate better with my family.
7. Stop being so cautious.
8. Save up $ for a cool trip, or...um...pay off more bills. (getting there!)
9. Be a better friend. write more, call more, listen more. Don't let people drift away from neglect.
10. Plan my time out better. Why, that could be done with a list! And then, um...stick to the list.
11. Consider getting haircuts more often than once or twice a year...
12. Volunteer somewhere. Do charity knitting. Make some of this blessed existence spill over to others.
[added 1.1.06 ~ I've been working on a 'gratitude attitude' (ugh. just made that up. sorry.) the past few years. I saw a blog entry that addresses this quite well today. Check it out.]

1. learn to use that sewing machine!
2. keep learning new knit skills, don't let it become a faded hobby!
3. use a few of the beads, eh. (thank goodness collecting beads isn't a spacehog.)
4. start/keep up a knit journal on paper. Blogging rocks, but I love looking through others' knit journals, and it's a good place to keep yarn scraps, etc.
5. get the violin out. Actually learn to play it again. It's beautifully restored, music makes me happy....stop being so shy about the neighbors and squeak away!
6. work harder to find time for reading. It's getting more balanced, but not as much as I'd like.
7. decide an update schedule for the knitblog, either quit blogging, or work on it. ditto bookblog.
8. Have fun with the watercolor painting page-a-day calendar. It's all about not being afraid of things I'm not sure of. (The "C" I got in the college art class crushed me, and I TRIED!)

This is just a quick list while sipping my first glass of champagne for the year (or...eh...the close-to-last-glass of 2005.) I'm sure the list will be edited plenty!

Thank you, Aunt Purl, for inspiring knitbloggers and single gals...being a solo catlady with a yarn obsession can be lonely business, but you do it with grace and laughter.

Thanks to my Knit group for being a faithful source of creativity, friendship and giggles.

Thanks to my family. You're...my family. I love you. (Princess and Murr can get lumped in here for now, too.)

I'm ending this year happy. Strangely happy. Mr Right didn't appear, my apt is messy, I'm not a zillionaire. I am safe, fed, warm and loved. It works. Happy New Year.


I'm home.

It smells like home.

Mom was surprised when I asked her for tips on making her beef stew. Yeah, I'm usually vegetarian. There are moments when sentiment, or manners, win over animal ethics. (Feel free to flame if you're hardcore veggie. I know.) The stew is cooking, and I feel like I'm home.

I haven't blogged in months.
Life had some twists, and I chose to spend my time reading, knitting, and socializing instead of blogging. (If anyone wants to provide me with DSL that could all change! Dialup does not make photo-blogging a quick process.)

I had thought of just slinking in to the class, sitting in the last row, and hoping no one would notice my tardiness. I once read a complaint about bloggers that were absent and then apologized about their reappearance. True. She's back. Not really worth READING about! Slink I shall.

I have been knitting.
I have been reading about knitting.
The joy of feeling yarn, seeing new stitches, finding new project ideas...all alive and well.

Tootsie is done.
I made a sweater. I haven't woven in the ends. I'm stalling on that.
I've made a few washcloths and the angelic (blogless) Karen made even more. They're for a charity project for the office mgr at work.
I started a breast cancer ribbon scarf in a yummy sparkly pink mohair blend.
I started a lacy scarf in Rowan summer tweed that I will be frogging.
I'm ignoring my clapotis.
I've started the 2nd strap for my quattro bag.
I still need to make my Dad's footies with his father's day yarn. (nope, dad, didn't forget!!)
I started some wrist warmers in Orangeade cottonease (hi there, cottonease followers!) and Target fun fur.
I started a multidirectional scarf using DiVe Teseo. I love love love it. It's browns and oranges and yummy.


I hopped.
And shopped.
and shop-hopped.

I have a lovely bag full of yarn, 500 miles on my car, and 12 stamps on my shophop card. 12 stores across Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio had a contest. I had a vacation day and an urge to spend some time alone fondling yarn. The fall leaves were lovely. I had a soft bed and quiet room in Georgetown, KY. My stash is bursting at the seams. It was fun, and I got lots of new ideas for projects.

I might post pics soon...of projects, and new stash.

But, I'm still on vacation, and it smells like home.


no knitting news here

I haven't finished any projects since last post.
Tootsie Roll pillow has seen progress.
My social life has seen progress.
I got nothin'.

(I will pat self on back that I've resisted all craft/yarn purchases for a couple weeks now!)

My secret pal asked me to post an ACTION! pic of the bag she made me. Without further ado...

bag from sp5, summer 2005


Project updates

just knitting.
No exciting recipes to share, no tales to tell, no sunsets to view.
just knitting.

Tootsie Roll makes my hands happy. I'm starting to wobble on its beauty as a pillow, but it's a divine knit. I hung out at starbucks friday nite listening to an unexpected 'concert' and worked a few inches (with plenty of curious glances regarding this bold KIPing.) How often does one innocently head out for a chai and get to listen to really good guitar/singing? Tootsie recorded it. Last nite, I watched the Aviator (good enough movie, but kept thinking...END already!) and did another few rounds. So...pillow: 3 movies, 1 sunset, 1 concert.

tootsie roll WIP

In early July I sent my secret pal a big ole package that was enough to cover my SP obligation, but I feel bad that I haven't been sending her other little goodies. Mail is always a good thing. So, I tried to whip up a washcloth for her this week. My knit group didn't really make me think that this would be the bestest gift to get (the pattern disappointed me.) I've kept my last 2 washcloth experiments...debating whether to go ahead and send this, just so she knows I'm thinking of her. hmmmm....

yellow tiny cable washcloth

pattern: tiny cables washcloth
yarn: sugar and cream daisy ombre
needles: US7 fiddlesticks bamboo
dates: 8.1.05-8.2.05

quick pic of felted quatro. Still need to make the strap, having a few problems with color choices. I knew what I wanted in my head, but found that wouldn't work with the i-cord. Back to scheming.

quatro felted, minus strap

(including before pic again to compare)
quatro before felting

SP: I wasn't able to get a pic of your bag in action yet. My camera batteries died at SnB last week, and it's hard to take a pic of myself USING something. It's being enjoyed, tho...I promise.

Speaking of knitting group...we're officially part of Barnes & Noble's roster now! We all grabbed our cameras to get pics with the store sign. Knitters...taking over the world. One coffeeshop and bookstore at a time... A bunch of this group is heading to Toledo in a few months for a knitfest. Non-knitters are picturing grannies sitting around being boring. Ha! Maybe there WILL be some grannies, but I promise that the knitters WON'T be boring! Maybe a hotel lobby full of partying gals (and guys...?) with sticks 'n string will help that image change! I've already taken the day off from work for the festivities (no pressure there, Bonnie! heh.) Still need to decide on workshops, hotel, etc.

Cotton Ease Hoarding (CEHD) is still in need of a cure. I think we've at least wiped the town out of stock. I had a big score this week...7 balls of Strawberry Creme. I'm planning to use it for the Sitcom Chic cardigan (with a bit of tweaking,) and perhaps a tank under it. I got Bob and myself some Licorice. The stash is maxed out. NO MORE.

I'm being summoned now to go out for some Indian yumminess. It's been so hot still, eating isn't really a priority...good for waistline, tho! I'm sure a samosa or 2 will have my name on it anyway!



it's all about faith.

Quatro (the bag) is knitted.
It was 22 longx17 high.
Now: 20x12.
This means I have about 112 inches of strap to knit...

A few minutes into the felting process, I just had to peek.
Oh no.
My lovely quatro yarn was ugly mud. The top of the bag hadn't felted and was a stretchy mess. I KEPT THE FAITH. 2 cycles later....a lovely felted bag emerged! Amazing!
It's still drying, so no 'after' pics yet. Here's a view of its final moments as a knitted bag:

quatro before felting

I'm actually pretty excited about it. I've been working on this for several months now. It's a lot larger than I anticipated, but will make a great tote/bookbag...um....yarn bag!?! I'll keep y'all posted for felted pics and the strap.

Here's a shot of the bookmark before I handed it off at work. It was fun enough to make. I think I'm cured of my itsybitsy toothpick knitting obsession for a while now, tho. (I accepted that my own Potter bookmark on DPNs just wasn't happ'nin. I can live with that.)

ravenclaw bookmark
pattern: 15 st wide garter, with border that used CROCHET HOOK, Bob.
yarn: #5 DMC floss, colors 312 and 400 (blue and bronze)
needles: boye US 0 circ
dates: 07.17.05-07.24.05

Thanks to Karen showing off her latest pillow creation, I started another new project this week on a whim. (whimZ has whims? hmmmmm.) She had made a bolster pillow cover that looks like a tootsie roll...long tube, tie up the ends. Hers was CottonEase. Mine...isn't. I was at the LYS and found Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, color Sand. Soooooo soft. I found a comment by someone using this that compared it to knitting clouds. REALLY soft. I'm using Lorna Lace Grace Mohair/Wool Boucle in pinkish-purple/chocolate/sage for random stripes. Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it. AND...it's the first project I've ever been able to knit without having to watch my hands at all. Perfect for...
knitting while watching movies.
Which I did twice this weekend.

Friday nite, I watched Hotel Rwanda. I don't even know what words to use for it. Intense, horrifying, inspiring? It made me question humanity. My fingers poured that into the yarn, stitch by stitch.
Saturday, Bob, Jeff and I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch, then saw March of the Penguins. Go See This Movie!! It's everything a film should be...funny, educational, moving, beautiful. Bob and I measured out the penguins' long journey in lengths of yarn in the dark theater. (yeah...mohair boucle is NOT ideal movie yarn. It didn't come out too wonky, tho.) I love that my feelings seem to be pouring into this project. The first few inches were done during a stunning sunset at a park near my house. I wished on the first evening star that day.
I'm gonna love this pillow when it's done for more than just its beauty and softness!

The title of the post is a recurring theme for me...in life, in writing, in blogging.
Must. Have. Faith.
I feel like my world is becoming a continual lesson of that right now.
I'm trying to listen.


ohmy ohmy!

secret pal...you rock.

I was kind of 'waiting' on the last package, so finding it on my porch was gleeful, but not Unexpected. Tonite...
I was in a fairly crabby mood coming home (good day in general, but some stress I didn't need at the end,) and it's hot out. Very hot out. I stepped onto the porch to see...

my mailbox wasn't closed. There was a big ole box stickin' out of it.

Crabby mood GONE.

I ran inside to see what the treat was...and I'm stunned! I can't sew a thing (my mom did my 4-H project for me after my attempts at machine sewing were going to cause excessive frustration for all parties involved.) My buddy made me an awesome satchel (knitting bag) with long straps and inside pockets. She MADE it! It will make a fabu knitting bag, altho I love it so much, I might use it for a market bag (can sling across neck.) If that weren't excitement enough, I peeked inside....

bubbles. me 'n the kitties love us some bubbles. (I'm not a grown-up. really I'm not. I kept saying I was going to go hide in my treehouse during stressful moments today.)

Jelly bellies. I have an official Jelly Belly dispenser. Love them JB's!!

A festive looking collection of mystery stories, Malice Domestic 6. It will be great lunch time reading since the stories are fairly short.

A really nice note on a cat postcard.

sigh. I needed this today. I love this. Thank you so much!

p.s. The JBs were a good choice...the chocolate surprisingly survived the heat before...I think even air would melt today!
p.p.s. I don't see what you were worried about with the bag. I think it looks perfect!

(pics will follow, but I just had to get a post up ASAP.)


the Big zucchini and a new knitter

Thursday nite the big zucchini began as this.

zucchini and wine
[wine bottle for size comparison only, of course.] [darned good wine, tho.]

Poor thing. He soon was this.

zucchini grated

and then this.

chocolate zucchini cake

Joy, oh joy...before noon the next day, he was this!

it was cake

The coworkers set a record devouring one of my baked goods offerings. Made me smile.
chocolate zucchini cake. Can't really post the recipe since it was found in a comment on someone's blog. Feel free to mail me for it if you're interested.
Like everyone else is saying...it's hot. Really hot. Too hot for meaningful posts. Can't complain, tho...at least I have A.C. (unlike poor Aunt Purl!)
Knittin' news:
finished Ravenclaw bookmark. I'm just telling everyone an 8 year old child made it. Sides are kinda wonky. (aside: wonky has hit my fave word list in the past few weeks. odd.)

Clap has had 4th drop. Totally digging the pattern, but kinda dreading how long it's gonna go on. (ADD 'n all...)

I got a sudden burst of inspiration to work on Quattro last nite. (ok. I was watching a movie...Princess Diaries...very cute/sweet, and it's the only straight garter project already OTN.) There's even a chance I'll finish the bag today and MAYBE felt it. The strap will have to wait.

Friday was very exciting in knittingland. A coworker (the recipient of said bookmark) was begging me to teach her to knit. I agreed to do it during lunch. I taught myself to knit from a book OVER A WEEKEND. She had a half hour. With my same yarn and needles (11s and icky acrylic,) and another knitter's advice (2 knitters providing more style options,) she actually got a garter swatch done. I was very impressed. She spent the afternoon walking around with the yarn in her labcoat pocket, knitting away. I'm sure our supervisors were just loving that I've created yet another addict. (Director came in and said to me...you just HAD to do that knowing her OCD, didn't ya....I evilly grinned.) I'm curious if she's gonna still be interested on Monday. I'm guessing yes! If anyone reading this happens to have some needles (probably 11 and up for beginner's scarf) and soft green yarns that they aren't wanting...give me a holler, and maybe I can buy them from you. I promised her purling and better supplies if she practiced! (she HATED the acrylic, but it's a good learning yarn because it doesn't split.)

stay cool, everyone!


colors of the sky

In Girl With a Pearl Earring, Vermeer opens Griet's eyes to clouds not being white. They're full of colors. That was the moment in the book that has lingered with me the most. Since then, I've spent hours studying stormy evening skies, intensely desiring to be able to piece together the colors to pin that moment down. As a knitter, I study the clouds for colors fibers could be. Could I ever make a sky as beautiful as tonite's in yarn?




who knew I could drive and take pics at same time? heh. Yes, with hands at 10 and 2 even.
Ravenclaw bookmark almost done. Worked on it tonite at Meetup with a nice group of gals at a great li'l coffeehouse. Chai 'n knitting. Life is good.


li'l bit of this, li'l bit of that

The advantage of daily blogging is not having to catch up, I can see.

The fun of festival weekend in my hometown will wait.
The fun of Tuesday knittin' last week must wait.
The pic of batman shawl will wait (tried to take pic without daylight. blech.)

on to This Week:

I think I'm noticing a trend in my obsessions hobbies. I enjoy studying them at least as much as the actual practice of them. I can tell you a lot more about knitting/cooking/reading than I've actually done. I don't think it's a bad thing, it's just less visibly productive. However, it makes for a very crowded kitchen and sizeable stash... I think I'm gonna work on more action, less theorizing in my life!

Things done recently:
reading - I'm gleefully off in Harry Potter-land again! Wanted to go to a bookstore party friday nite, but felt kinda silly going solo amongst the kiddies. Picked it up Saturday morning instead. Started a bit slow, but the cloak of Potter-ness is starting to wrap around me in a happy way. These books are just the most amazing escape. They've even spilled over into my...

knitting: working on 2 HP bookmarks.
One I'm doing flat in Ravenclaw colors for a co-worker (I'm a Ravenclaw, too, it would appear! What are you?)


pattern: 15 st wide garter
yarn: #5 DMC floss, colors 312 and 400 (blue and bronze, not sure which is which!)

needles: boye US 0 circ
dates: 07.17.05-present
p.s. look, Mom! the bag from the clinique goodies you gave me (love 'em, btw!) is much fancier than my usual CVS/ziploc bag small-project-holder.

and the other...
I started my first DPN circular project using Gryffindor colors. Note to self...learning DPNs on size 0 with #10 crochet thread...maybe not ideal plan. I probably should have read how to use these first or had a buddy help...naaaah.

Gryffindor bookmark

The clapotis is being neglected until the bookmarks are done. I'm anxious to get back to it!
(it's darker than this pic, I think. more of a burgundy.)


Quattro is just gonna have to wait until cooler weather. (yeah, that's my excuse.)

Belatedly, I made it to the LYS going-out-of-biz 50% off sale. Without patterns in mind, I wasn't really tempted very much. Got a great Jo Sharp pattern book, 1 bamboo circ needle, 2 novelty balls, and 2 sock yarn balls. VERY behaved compared to Anita, Bonnie, and others! Finally stopped by another LYS (1 More Stitch...can't find a link) that has hours clashing with my schedule. Rather crowded place, but really good collection of Rowan yarns and Addi's/accessories and back issues of mags/patternbooks. Good to know it's there IF I can get there! (got one old issue of IK. NO YARN! amazing, eh!)

and that's what's been hap'nin' with my knitting.
Wanted to send this out to the world...
y'all should know my parents are some pretty darn sweet folks. My mom was a doll and did up my laundry last weekend (I really took it there planning to do it myself!) and I'm always gleeful to find cards/hugs from her in my mailbox (the envelopes instantly do not look like bills or ads!) We won't even go into her yummy cooking... And Dad....is dad. He's sweet and generous and is where my 'green' soul came from. There's a safe feeling knowing the dwarf's little girl's daddy always has her back. love ya, m/d!
This week:
I hope to make it to 2 knit nites.
I hope to finish both bookmarks.
I plan to get back to my clapotis!
I'll be reading reading reading HP!
Maybe I'll start a mini-project for my secret pal. (note to self: send her a card this week!)
Speaking of sp5...if mine stops by...hi! Hope you got at least one of the thank you's I sent!

and...of course...I'll be busy blogstalking. heh.



...and so it continues.

My blogiversary is today. Not whimZknits, but my first blog. It was an outlet for me to combine a journal with creative writing. Some days were successful. Most were pointless babblings. It was exciting and scary and vulnerable and funny (to write.) I managed to finish writing my first (last?) short story during that time. Readers moved on, my interests shifted, and that blog faded away. The notion of blogging wasn't lost, tho. I still hope to turn whimZknits into something more like the blogs I rush to read most days. Regardless, I love being able to share things that matter to me with people that understand and offer support and laughs. I heart you blogville!

Looking back at my first post, times have indeed changed. Who would have guessed that the memory of the boy would have faded away and dating would be replaced with a love of yarn! (ok...I still hope to date someday. For now, tho, there are some pretty soft yarns out there to snuggle up to, they rarely make me cry, and they ALWAYS let me have the remote!) Thanks, R, for giving me my blog...it was more than a cure for EH. It was a door to new friends and the beginning of me finding my voice in the world.

Just for giggles, here was my first post ever:

07-06-04 07:05 pm
...and so it begins.

Beginnings are tricky things. (eh, so are endings for that matter.) I've been writing since I was 3, I think. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to pin what was in my skull onto a piece of paper in words. I also can't recall a time that I wasn't frustrated at my lack of ability to do so. Sometimes need overrides quality, and my musings are recorded.

A few years ago, I met a guy. Yeah, I know...that happens all the time. The newsworthy portions were that he inspired me to write more. and that he sometimes made me think the babblings weren't total crap. and that i thought i was in love with him (that can be debated at different times, different days.) and that he's a web junkie that one day said "you should start a blog."

For now...a good portion of this will probably relate to the above paragraph. Assuming my life has some new paragraphs in store...that will likely change. But, for now...the story begins with..."A few years ago, I met a guy."

I have a couple rules in my writing. I try not to edit. I think that it's cheating to alter what you obviously meant at the time it was written to what feels tastier right now. I try to record the time and events surrounding my writing. I'm notorious for spewing words right after seeing movies, drinking wine, etc. I try to use good grammar and spelling, but give exceptions to "i, tho, nite." ...and perhaps a few others. and i use non-capitalized sentence fragments. ...and I use dot.dot.dot a lot.lot.lot. deal with it.


...and so it begins.

Knitting news:
~ribbon shawl had its dinner debut. woohoo! no pics yet, tho.
~clapotis groweth. I love a pattern so easy to memorize that's more exciting than garter!
~working on a strange project for my dad. Let's just call it fiber experimentation.
~quattro is waiting patiently. I think it's resigned to perhaps needing cooler weather to be resumed.

Raise a glass of champagne (or Kool-aid. I'm not picky)...happy 1st year of blogging!


what have we here?

ok. we all know that work is kicking me in the behind. I figure this is fair considering my slacker days a decade ago. Still, I drifted through the past 2 weeks a, ahem, kinda cranky zombie. I have hopes this was just an extreme few weeks and the future will allow the work/play ratio to return to balance. (fingers crossed.)

So, I drag meself up the front steps on Thursday headed for the mailbox. but...what is this!? a package sitting above my mailbox? Could it be?!?

It was.

I had mail.
ever so LOVELY mail.

I thought about leaving the package for a more ceremonial moment of opening. nah. dropped my bags, scratched the cats' ears quickly and reached for the knife (tape slicer.)


sp5 package
SecretPal5 goodies!

As I opened the box, I could smell it before I saw it. In a really good way. My buddy didn't know this, but I had a 'scent' issue last week. I was working on a project, and kept feeling like something was missing. Lavender, I realized. I keep a Michaels lavender air freshener in my yarn bin, and the current project had never been in there. I had to go to Michael's to stock up on them last week. So, buddy, imagine my delight that you had pre-scented my yarn and goodies! My nose has been buried in the yarn several times in the past day (hey...only cats for witnesses. ...and I'm not the only yarn sniffer out there!)

Contents of the box:
~2 balls of Elann Endless Summer Sonata sock yarn in pretty light blue (so that I can cave in to that urge to enter the sock world!)
~2 balls Wool-Ease in purple/rose/teal twist (quite soft...will be fun to use)
~A little white knitted lavender sachet (more nose burying. Tho, twas funny...at first I thought it a cat toy and Murray thought so, too. As I read the note saying it was a sachet, I snatched it back and he's pouting that it's mine now. heh)
~a twirly purple drink parasol
~incense in lavender and magnolia (buddy doesn't know of my days working in hippy gift/jewelry shop. LOVE incense!)
~lavender glycerin soap (she suggested pretty smelling hands before using nice yarn. I agree!)
~burt's bees handcream (again, my shop sold Burt's. love the brand.)
~a neat hemp/beaded friendship bracelet. I wore it to work today, just kinda knotted up. I think I'll put a beaded clasp on somehow, even tho that breaks friendship bracelet notion. Not sure I can get away with wearing it 24/7. :-) I'm pretty sure it's my new lucky bracelet, tho!
~Dagoba is a fantabulous chocolate bar that stunningly survived on my 90 degree porch without even melting a teensy bit. It's organic dark chocolate with lavender and blueberries in it. Truly divine.
~a skein winder tool. (the white thing in back on right) I'm gonna have to study this a bit more. I think it will be a really cool useful tool once I figure it out. I want to try some kool-aid dying soon, and this sounds like the way to prep for that!

Pretty fantabulous goodies, eh!? THANK YOU, SECRET PAL!!! (I enjoyed your note, too. I like the feeling of being a kid with a pen-pal! I appreciate the time/care/thought you put into my goodies.)

quick knitting update:
-the ribbon shawl is REALLY close to being done. (AKA the batman shawl in my knitting group.) I just have a couple ends to weave in still (Bob sweetly did the rest.) Will try to post a pic/details this week.
-The quattro bag is still chugging along. I can see finishing the body of it fairly soon. It's just getting so big that it's HOT to knit with it on my lap! I really, really hope I like this once it's felted!
-The bookmark is still in need of official finishing (starch? tassels? beads?)
-(rolls eyes embarrassed at cliche....) I started a clapotis last weekend. I have a couple balls of Wool-ease in 'strawberry twist' that I picked up at Tuesday Morning during a CEHD (Cotton-Ease Hoarding Disorder) moment, and thought I'd play with the clapotis pattern using it. Almost done with first rep of increase section. Based on a poll of my knitting group last Tuesday, I believe the entire knitting world has either finished, started, or contemplated a clapotis. (But have you tried it in Cotton Ease, Bonnie?)
~so many other projects planned, it's insane. I'm guessing the next thing on the needles is gonna be socks, tho!

Happy 4th, happy knitting, all!


In my imagination...

goals for weekend:

1. make berry pie (blackberry?)
2. do oodles of yoga to counteract pie.
3. eat oodles of pie to counteract yoga.
3. make progress on quattro bag.
4. finish ribbon shawl.
5. finish bookmark.
6. organize beads.
7. wash car.
8. laundry/dishes/vacuum, etc.
9. eat more pie.
10. do more yoga.
11. rinse, repeat.
12. finish a few chapters in sherlock holmes and start Anna Karenina.
13. find sugardaddy to take me to opera.
14. revise list to reality.

Off to eat Indian yumminess and watch a video while working on shawl.

secretpal: Wasn't ignoring you. busy week. I don't know much about 'recycled yarn.' I'm new enough that I kinda need gauge/fibercontent/washing instructions, and enjoy something somewhat resembling a 'new yarn' smell. Not destroying the world to create new while the old languishes is a good thing, I agree. (straddling the fence, I know. Guess my answer is: it depends!)


working on it

I have a job!

Take that for granted in your world?
In the past year I've watched 5 or 6 friends struggle with this alongside me. Responsible, educated, "with it" adults. Jobs aren't a for-sure-thing anymore.


I have a job!

The company I've been temping for since last summer finally gave me a permanent position. Mostly, I'll be doing the same job, but there will be extra responsibilities now. And a desk in my own cubby. And lots of new stacks of paperwork trying to cover it.
Did I mention I have my own desk now!?!

Woo-hoo. Ms. WhimZ has a job.
On the knitting front:
I haven't finished anything this week. Have done a few more rounds on the bag. Have done a few reps of the orange bookmark(?) pattern. Have read oodles of blogs. Have shopped for my secret pal. Have joined the freakshow of Cotton Ease hoarders.

quattro bag is growing!

quattro/cascade bag in progress, next to the cute li'l pillow from Mom/Dad!

I found some plastic circ's at JoAnn for 1.99....has anyone tried these? I bought a few for giggles this weekend (in sizes I don't already have) with 50% off coupons...So, even if they're icky, I can use them in a pinch. If anyone has experience with these, please let me know!

Hopefully I'll get the ribbon shawl going again this week. I have a fantasy of finishing it this week and wearing it to the opera next weekend. Wow, tho...opera tix are PRICEY! I've promised myself to learn to like opera and have gone to one each of the past 2 summers. The other night I watched a PBS special called "operatunity" that was fantastic (heehee...I don't like reality TV, but this show could make me a convert!) By the time I am rich and old and distinguished, I'll be crying like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman at the grand musical experience!

I think the notion of doing a top is rapidly approaching. I have a sweater in mind, and a tank top is a possibility (to use up some of the Cotton Ease!) I'm nervous about jumping to that level. I better watch it, or I'll be doing socks before I know it. Hey, Bob...how ARE the socks? (echoes of "phoenixphoenixphoenix" are heard in the distance.....)

Bob's phoenix sock in progress
Bob's sock is coming along. If he finishes it, how can I tease him?

Must.finish.phoenix! ...or, too many shots at starbucks. your pick.

[This post was written 6/18 and just posted 6/23...that's a hint of my life in new-job-land. The shawl is growing, the bookmark is almost done!]


...and the livin' is easy.

The mini-break from knitting was a good thing.

I got the garden pretty well in. It was fantabulous to get to play with the flowers while chugging my *grape cool-aid.
I ran away with Huck Finn for a few hours.
I went on a yarn outing with Bob and found a goodie for my secret pal and some dirt cheap THIN orange yarn for moi. I sat at Starbucks w/my *Chai playing with said orange yarn (it's on its way to being a bracelet or bookmark or such.)
I had brunch with Bob and Jeff before getting some chores done while watching a very used tape of Truth about Cats and Dogs.
I cooked dinner for the first time in eons.

I sat on the porch tonite watching a storm roll in, sipping a *glass of wine with dinner. it was soooo relaxing. I pulled out the felted bag for the first time in a week and it was really nice to play with it again. An old friend. Did 3 rounds while watching the sky turn stormy pink, feeling the wind coming up, catching bits of thunder/lightning here and there. Right as I came inside, buckets came down...hurrah...my new garden wanted a *drink!

[*4 beverage references. 3 for me, 1 for flowers.]
I know, I need to post pics. and be funnier. but...not tonite. Hanging on to this 'escape' mood and turning computer off during storm!

g'nite all!


lazy hazy days of Spring

blogging -
not so much.
knitting -
not so much.

I have been reading and finally made it to the grocery. My apartment is at lower hurricane levels than frequently observed. I have slept.

The weather is hot. This doesn't make me whiny like most around here, but it does slow me down a bit. It makes sitting on the porch sipping a *beverage, kicked back with a book, knitting 1 row an hour, seem like good livin'.

I finished a washcloth tonite. Nope, it's not getting posted. I experimented with yarn choice and edging. It's not ugly, but it won't be the gift I'd intended. I bought backup yarn. Maybe that version will make it to blogville soon.

I only went to one SnB this week (yeah, I said only.) It was a good time. I miss the other groups, but being home to eat/sleep/read/live/play with kitties has to fit in somewhere. I'm gonna put my garden in this weekend hopefully. And clean the closet. And blogstalk other knitters. And watch some videos I've taped. And read a teensy portion of the mountain of books. And play outside at the park. And...I'm sure they'll be some knittin' in there, too.

you didn't doubt that, did ya?

*something I need to add to my about me: I neglected to mention my fondness for coffee/tea. Fondness, she says. I'm rarely seen without a coffeecup in hand, tho sometimes that cup has hot tea/chai in it instead...(or grape cool-aid, in current weather. Or adult beverages. Or maybe that swell new lime pepsi.) hmmm....I just like to drink. all. the. time.


Unexpectedly Fine Knitting, part 2

...part II.

While under the influence of these marvy knitters, I got quite a bit of knitting done myself.
My version of the to-be-felted bag from Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living is 6" tall now. I started out with Cascade quattro, double stranded, and then switched to 1 strand quattro, 1 strand Cascade 220 blue. There are some more color shifts planned during the next foot or so I need to knit. Then a strap, then the felting, then I'll be stylin' with me very own bag, hurrah.

pre-felted bag w/BLO st markers

but wait! What are those orange dangly things??? Hmmm.....must be Bob's BLO stitch markers! Let's take a closer look at that one on the left....

closeup my BLO stitch marker

oooooh. pretty. But, gee, I don't remember seeing that in the BLO inventory...hmmm... must be because I got to play in Bob's bead box and design my very own set of markers, weeeeeee. Thanks, Bob!!!

The marker designing event took place after a very festive evening at Taste of Cincinnati. We did a first walk around for the appetizer/entree/beverage selections. Then, unlike your average Taste attendee, we had the decadent pleasure of getting to head back to the guys' nearby apartment for a knitting break before heading back down for the Dessert round. ...can you say STUFFED? 'Twas great fun, and Bob and Jeff were swell hosts.

Last week I stopped by the LYS and found a yarn that I just COULDn't resist. The 'clearance' price was more than I'd normally go for, but it was ...just....tooooo......soft. With dreamy colors. Saturday afternoon I decided to play with it, and 45 minutes later I had a Scarf. hmmmm....not scarf season. I take that back. I had a Belt! I wore it to Taste and even got a compliment on it, woohoo!

The yarn is called Costa Rica, so the postcard Mom/Dad sent me from there landed in the pic. I wish the colors came through in the picture (it's much more oceany pale)...it's a very wonderful colorway of blue/green/cream with a hint of pink. yummy.

pattern: 5 stitch wide drop stitch (3 K rows, *k1,YO* row, *k1, drop YO* row)
yarn: Gedifra Costa Rica color 3808
needles: festive red acrylic US15
dates: 45 minutes of 05.28.05!

Also OTN is a shawl that I started with the yarn I picked up at another LYS sale. With 40% off the store's entire inventory, I think the majority of the town's knitters were lured! I'm not using a pattern for the shawl (yeah, we're going there again.) I'm happy with it so far. No pics, alas. It's a burgundy/black/gray/pink shiny ribbon yarn. Very...ummm...flamenco-like. I'll keep ya posted.

so, there you have it. An Unexpectedly fine week of knitters and knitting!

Unexpectedly Fine Knitting, part1

There was some fine knitting going on last week.
I'm not just talking about the sticks 'n yarn either.
(Tho, that wasn't too shabby.)
I'm talking about the fantabulous KNITTERS. I went to 3 SnB groups last week (even if they don't call themselves such,) and all 3 were...fantabulous.

Monday was Cincy SnB nite. I felt icky, but knew just being around these folks was medicine. Some good mint tea was the rest of the cure. I cast on the felted bag, and enjoyed hearing the others' tales. Kendall's sweater is gonna rock, I tell ya.

Tuesday I played hooky from my usual group and went to Nancy's gathering. What a hoot....great ladies, great knitting, great time, and, Nancy? great cookies! Nancy is one of those people you get to meet that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when she smiles. I was gifted a KnitPicks catalog (since I've signed up twice and STILL not received one...,) and Nancy offered moral support for my first picked up stitches along the base of the bag. Yeah, I think I missed a few, but everyone assures me that's the glory of felting!

Wednesday was the Cincinnati Knitting Group. Nancy dropped off MORE of those divine cookies, and Amy cheered me on as my bag started into its first few rounds. Bob was there for the usual laughs, and we finally got to see Liesl. The whole gang enjoyed the knitting and jabbering, and hopefully some cool felted items will be showing up soon. Afterwards, Starbucks beckoned yet again for some wind-down knittin' and chattin'.

Those 3 nites, and the extra-curricular knitting time with Bob, have just made me feel so blessed and excited about the world of knitting! When I started knitting, I never imagined that it would include this huge wonderful community of people. I really doubt most hobbies give a person access to so much generosity, laughter, education, support and friendship. Do joggers and tennis players and bookclub members have blogrings devoted to RAOK (random acts of kindness)? Do they know there are others out there cheerleading for them? Do they gather to swap stories and presents and guzzle coffee? I've stumbled into this world...lucky me!

This coming week I get to be a part of a NEW group of knitters. I joined SP5. It's a Secret Pal program in the land of knitblogs. For the next 3 months, I'll get to spoil another knitter somewhere in the world (haven't received my giftee yet,) and someone will be spoiling me! I'm so excited about being involved in this! I've read knitblogs constantly over the past 4 months, and I kept stumbling along posts of SP4 folks. They seemed to have such a great time both finding gifts for their pal and having Unexpected packages arrive. Woohoo! let the games begin....

phwew. All that, and I haven't even got to the knitting itself, or the weekend!
This calls for a 2-part post, I'm thinking.

...until then!



There was a whole lotta giddy goin' on last nite.

this should be prefaced with the acknowledgement of my reputation of being easily amused.

I already mentioned my new furniture. That caused lots of happy dancin' to start with.

THEN, I took (after my skeptical comments) some knit-buds' advice and stopped by HalfPriceBooks on way home from work (yes, on saturday nite, and I-who-have-no-life volunteered for that shift,) and found my craved needlework book!!! CHEAP! Woohoo!
Insert more happy dancin'. A co-worker had loaned me that book, and I taught myself some crochet from it in 5 seconds. I very reluctantly returned it to her. It has oodles of pics and detailed instructions on every needlecraft (knit, crochet, embroidery, quilting, etc.) Love it. And now it's mine.

THEN, home to my furniture, too much pizza, and purring kitties and my VCR. Can you even imagine a life more fantabulous? (shhhhh....leave me here in giddyland.)
Here is the mouse I made for Bob last week. Murray agreed to do a bit of modelling, but didn't agree to be enthusiastic about it.
cable mouse and murray

Thanks, Murr. um....but, wait....we need to give that mouse to Bob's kitties. REALLY, we do. You have the OTHER mouse I made, remember? Please, Murr? Can I have the blue cable mouse back? backs away slowly...

don't touch my mouse

pattern: Catnip mouse WITH CABLE! from WendyKnits (with improvised i-cord tail, ears/nose/eyes)
yarn: cascade 220 color 8887/cascade quattro color 9432
needles: I forget! US7 bamboo?
dates: 05.13.05-05.15.05

Still finishing up Jen's slippers. I had a knitter's fantasy-come-true last nite. (this should probably have been included in giddy section.) I got paid to knit. Ok...the pay wasn't for the knitting itself, but I was pretending to be a receptionist and had plenty of downtime to knit. I nearly finished the slipper while I was there.
OH!OH!OH! The cool side to that act of KIP:
one of the guys that came in saw that I was knitting and said
"you do that stuff?"
huh? oh, knit!? yeah, i DO THAT STUFF.
"want some yarn?"
you have some!? this is an older guy that I'd never take to be a knitter...
"yeah. My wife passed away and there's a bunch of that stuff in the closet."
...he also has stored either embroidery or cross-stitch stuff, I'm guessing, from his description. He's going to bring it in for me. I figured at the very least I could use it for some charity knitting or give it to a school/sr center. Hurray for KIP!!!
(see, Jen, the good things your slipper has accomplished already?)
I'm hoping to cast on my purse today. (first felting project, first picked-up stitches, first knitting-in-the round. all sorts of glorious newness. Thank goodness for my new book and knowing the great gals of SnB have my back!)

giddiness, I tell you!



Olly's on his way back to Mom. Thanks for letting me borrow Baby Bear!!!!
Jen knows about her slippers, rascally gal! 1/2way thru the 2nd one, chickpea.
I have a new sofa! hiphiphooray! and a lazyboy chair. Think I'll leave my living room in the next millenium? Mom/Dad generously donated their used furniture to me (mine went to St Vincent's,) and my very sweet brother/nephew/dad sacrificed a Saturday for 500 miles of driving to bring it here. THANK YOU!!!! I got up at 5 a.m. to finish cleaning and cook lunch for the guys, thus the post-title.
If trends are an indicator (and they are,) my new posts will be on Sundays (for the handful that regularly check to see if anything exciting has sprung from my keyboard.) Yeah, today is saturday, but you're not getting any pics today. The secret project last week was a cat toy mouse for Bob's bday...I'll post pics of it with MY cat tomorrow (unless Bob sends along some of his kitties.) It had a cable. I like cables. :-)
I have to work tonite, then it's home to the sofa, knitting project du jour, and five hours of taped Alias ep's! yippee!

see y'all tomorrow.


slip sliding away....

I need more time to knit.
I do.
I ran off for a little S.E.X. again this weekend (no, dear parents, you don't need to faint. It's a knitblog term. heh. S.E.X.=Stash Enhancement eXpedition) and have SO many projects I'm dying to start. Work and cleaning the apartment are so getting in the way of my knitting. harrumph. Visited a new-to-me LYS. Was very impressed. Alas, it's farther away than I'm willing to go for regular drooling fixes. Will be nice for shopping, tho.


  • Final seam for Mom's slippers (yeah, I said they were done. the KNITTING is done. I just ohso ohso don't like seaming.)

  • slipper_pb_seamed051505 slipper_pb_flat051505
    pattern: pocketbook slipper
    yarn: Caron simply soft Country Blue
    needles: bamboo US7
    dates: 05.07.05-05.10.05 ...except seaming, shaddup

  • My first experience with wool!!!!! I can see why folks are giddy over MS&W, etc. now. My days of acrylic/cotton/nylon may be fading. Jen never reads my blog unless I tell her to, so it's safe to say the wool is for some lovely bright red slippers for her (per her request.) Methinks she'll be very surprised/happy.
    but...um...are wool slippers practical for California summers??? hmmmm....
  • WOOL_red_slipper051505
  • Just finished a project that I can't post until tomorrow because it's a prezzie for one of the rare folks that reads my blog! again...there's seaming to do. grrrrr. BUT! I did get to practice a new skill that makes me giddy. And used some of the wool from the purse. What purse? The one that I'd be knitting if sleep/eating/work didn't interfere. It will surely be OTN this week.

Projects that MIGHT get started this week...

  • my first felted purse. I have the yarn. I have the pattern. I have the needles. I....have the time?

  • knit bookmarks. found some cute patterns, know some willing recipients. already have the yarn, hurrah.

  • Dad's Dad's-day present. Maybe. Yarn acquired, but still pattern waffling.

I'm ready for warmer weather. This spring has been so chilly! Rather, this spring WEEKENDS have been so chilly/rainy. Again, work just is soooo cutting into my Wants. (not really. Those that know me are aware I'm grateful for my job. Just wish it happened during those hours wasted on sleep!)

enough droning on for one day, eh.

oh, and the title was because the post featured slippers. Does anyone really like coming up with post titles??? I'm very impressed with those that are continually clever.

a true statement in general.

happy knitting!





pattern: Oliver from The Knitted Teddy Bear
yarn: Royale Silkessence Microfiber lt periwinkle and white
extras: DMC floss, heart buttons, snap, rhinestone eyes
needles: US2 bamboo
dates: 04.29.05-05.07.05

Despite skepticism and questionable comments about its future purpose (the body piece looked frighteningly g-string-like,) I finished Olly in time for Mother's Day! Lotsa knitting on toothpicks, lotsa seaming to do...but, in the end...we have a bear. Or, at least, a bear-like creature. Of indeterminate gender. heh. It is cute, and was fun to make. I wanted to fix the nose/mouth/eyes, but...Mom seems to like Olly 'as is,' so, there ya have it. A bear. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!

It was good to visit Mom. After her health scare a few weeks ago, I was excited to see her. She looks great and hopefully will start feeling that way soon as well! Had a nice time with both of the folks, and - as always- the trip was too short.

While I was up there, I started some slippers for her. Got one finished. It's a crazy little pattern, but very easy and fits nicely!


I'll post the details when the pair is finished. Highly recommended for a quick footie! Mom thought the MaryJane strap was a cute touch.

Princess wanted to show off her bed. It's not totally done, but on hold for a bit while I catch up on other things. I think she needs to double in size meanwhile....


It protects the chair from cathair at least!
I think the knitting is going to have to ease up for a while. I miss reading. I miss having my apartment cleaned up, heehee. Is the withdrawal toooooo painful, folks??
A big thanks to Bob for the 'backup' mom's day gifts. I think he doubted my speed and determination. His kindness and generosity continually surprise me.


UNEXPECTEDly bold, bright, approachable

"what are you knitting?" the curious passerby asked at the bookstore.
that's it, I think, i'll hook them with freaky projects... "um...not really sure."
"ah. I'm just getting into knitting. Looks fun."
another one lured closer for our side.

I dubbed it the french market scarf. It just reminds me of the net shopping bags I've seen knitted/crocheted. But a scarf. It's really not all that pretty, but it does get attention! It seems to make ME bolder, too. I struck up conversations with a few strangers while I had it on. The UNEXPECTED secret powers of the yarn. Must remember to wear it on shy days!
pattern: YoDropIt, SnB Nation...sorta
yarn: sugar 'n cream color playtime
needles: clover #19
dates: 04.25.05-04.27.05

There was a rare sighting of a washclothus pipercleanii butterfly this week. I managed to capture it on film.
butterfly washcloth042605

Of course, I made it with the intent of it being a WASHCLOTH, dish or face. Alas, the butterfly was deemed too pretty to undo, so she plans to leave it on her table tied up. hmmmmmm. Cool that she likes it...maybe it will be freed post-spring to live out its intended life.
The catbed is ALMOST done. The top was pieced together, and seamed to the bottom. Just need to reinforce the sides now. ...I probably should have done the pattern as it was written, the sides ARE kinda short. I'm happy with it, tho. The seams are delightfully invisible (hurray for chunky yarns!!) I don't think I needed to make the large version, but it will protect extra furniture surface from cathair! Now...I just need to convince her to USE IT!!! (the suggested catnip will work on Murr, not her.)
Started a _______ for Mom for Mum's Day. Enough about that...
non-knitting stuff:
LIMITED EDITION Haagen Dazs Banana Split Ice Cream. Yum.

weather=ick. Good for knitting. Not good for spring walks/flowers.

watched 2nd Bridget Jones movie...my life except for 2 gorgeous co-stars fighting for me, time in a Thai prison singing Madonna, and being British. Oh, and she didn't have cats. Watched Attack Of the Clones (much belatedly)...ready for new Star Wars movie!!

Could life be more exciting??? ...need to wear the scarf more, perhaps. BOLD.


beds (not mine,) scarves, and washcloths.

Beds- I should use mine more. However, if I did, there'd be less time to knit. I have 3 nites of knitting groups this week, and am plotting a 4th. KnitslutQueen, she shall be!
princess' bed is chugging along.
Alas, ran out of yarn on weekend, and grrrrrr Hobby Lobby's no Sunday hours...well...the knitting had a break. Should be done this week. Meanwhile, princess has given her official approval of the base.

princess' bed base 042305

Scarves- I started one tonite...sorta. Bought some sugar and cream in terribly bright pink/orange/yellow colorway in case I got bored with other projects at SnB tonite. After I ran out of yarn for main project...I started a YoDropIt scarf on #19 needles just to be silly. Haven't decided if I like it. Good for giggles, anyway. Does one make scarves that look like they should be a market bag???

Washcloths- I did NOT start one tonite in SandC yarn that is NOT green. I DID finish the one for the office mgr. Here's a closeup of the stitch. Beyond that...it's... a washcloth. (I like it.) I even folded it into an adorable butterfly AFTER my camera battery died. Maybe I'll get a pic tomorrow a.m.
oct20stitch closeup 042505
pattern: Perpetual Calendar October 20th with 3 stitch seed border
yarn: bernat cottontots color Koolade
needles: addi turbo #6...yeah, I bit the forbidden addi apple.
dates: 04/20/05-04/25/05

I should probably revisit that bed issue now!

To the visitors that mailed me: Thanks for the blog compliments and well-wishes for my mom!

g'nite, all! (that's me trying to act like I'm actually going to go to bed like a sane person would...)



Well...that was a week.
My mom was in hospital having a very not lovely time for 7 days. The good news...she's home now and seems on the mend. hurrah. HUGS, mom!!

knittin' news:
The cat bed is purring along. (sorry, that's bad.) The base is done, and I'm working on the sides. The garter seemed insanely boring to me when I began, but the past few days I've learned how wonderfully relaxing that can be...soft yarn on fingers, mindless rows back and forth. I did change the pattern a bit before I decided that, tho. The sides seemed higher than I needed, so doing shallower pieces that will end up needing seamed. We'll see!

Started a quick washcloth for the office manager at work. I needed her assistance quite a bit this week, and even tho she wanted me to bribe her with baked goods, she's getting knitting. She was skeptical that I could make a non-wintery item. ha! However, considering the forecast here this weekend....a scarf wouldn't be out of order! Using the double woven stitch from Perpetual Calandar (october 20th) after seeing it done on another site. Shows off the variegated yarn festively. Will post pic/details when done.

SnB was fun this week....both nites. Yes, I'm a knitslut. I'll knit with anyone. heh. There are groups popping up all over town, and it's so fun to meet the new folks, and enjoy the familiar faces (like fellow knitslut Bob.) Speaking of Bob, I bought some yarn this week that is not green. I hadn't really realized my fondness for green yarn until he commented. So, while my fingers reached out to fondle the lovely sages and limes at LYS...I went with a flame color combo (like his phoenix socks.) Hopefully it will show up in future post on its way to becoming a purselet.

I've upgraded my apartment from condemned to messy pit so far this weekend. It's a start. I'm sure the chores will lazily be done, but it's feeling soooooo good to stay in PJs with nowhere to be! Maybe a few more rows on catbed before cleaning resumes... (knitting before chores? there's a surprise.)

Happy knitting and weekend to all!


miss me?

well, I've been back almost a week. Forgot to blog pre-trip and been too lazy this week! Must be residual sand on the brain (lovely lovely beach walks last week! And a trip to the Masters course.)

Quick catch up....

'finished' the poncho. Still don't like it very much. Maybe some crocheting will make it lovely. or a different shaped wearer...

Made a washcloth on vaca. No big thing, BUT BUT BUT...I actually used it last nite! (So far I haven't been able to use the 'practical' things I've made.) I rather liked the feel of it. We'll see how it washes up. I like the edging on it, tho it felt strange to knit. It's a yfwd, slip 3 at end of row, knit all 3 on next row...applied I-cord. (not blocked at all for its photo op)

blue washcloth 04.05

pattern: checkerboard washcloth
yarn: Sugar 'n Cream
color:some blue...um...denim? dunno
needles: bamboo US7
dates: 03.28.05-04.02.05

Started the SnB CatBed sunday nite (but not in fun fur.) It's EVER so soft. They were very good kitties while I was gone, so I'm finally inspired to work on it. Can't you tell how excited Murr was to have me home?!?

murr and me 04.09.05

I just printed out a pic I took of Tiger in Augusta last week to show off to boss who adores him (kiss up? me?!?!?)

Also, local SnBs got a big hype in local street mag this week. Yours truly has a pic in it even (tho I'm not really loving the pic choice.) Kinda exciting, eh. Just wish the article credited Shawn for founding our group! (and the wonderful caution tape bag was done by Angel.) So, there's the excitement in my li'l world.

...or something like that.

happy knitting all!


happy b-day to me!

it's not really my birthday until wednesday.

I have prezzies, tho! My folks sent me some $ to go shoppin', and I got some lovely bargains. For the record, I think if God wears shoes, they're quite possibly Skechers. ohso-ohso-comfie! (and cute, of course.) Shallow, yes. A girl, yes. Enjoying my new goodies, yes. It makes waiting for vacation a bit less stressful, a bit more festive. Is there anything better than bouncy new shoes!? glee.

knitting, um...haven't done any today. Really need to get cracking on the poncho. Need to work on Airy scarf(alas, have to start over. Too big of boo-boo to ignore. evidence of my lack of technique while KIP.) Want to start a dishcloth and the catbed. Trying to figure out what projects to take on trip...won't have internet patterns at hand, and can't take WHOLE stash!!

every night before I go to bed, I do 'gratitudes.' A psychotic self-absorbed buddy years ago was advised to do these by her shrink. It's a wonderful way to keep the world in perspective. I just list the things that I'm grateful for that day. Sometimes it's petty things like new shoes, sometimes it's being relieved to hear a loved one feels better. I try to put some global perspective in as well, acknowledging the blessing of a home, warmth, healthy body, and abundant food.

It makes fussing over packing, living without the internet, making frivolous decisions, and scowling at my messy apartment seem...well...silly. Give the gratitudes a try sometime...makes the world seem pretty mahvelous.

especially with new skechers.


no, no...not 3 ponchos.

the same poncho. Attempt #3.

I'm happy when I read other blogs of projects that get frogged over 'n over 'n over 'n.... I feel a LITTLE less silly.

The smaller needles made a lovely fabric. I was thoroughly enjoying the knitting. A lightbulb went off as I fell asleep...the poncho was going to weigh 50 lbs and be warmer than a winter coat. Ribbit. Fewer stitches, back on bigger needles (as was suggested to me by wiser ones in the first place....) 1/2-way done now, lookin' good.

Vacation...1 week. I'm very excited. I'm somewhat stressed. I'm a horrible packer. The notion of backpacking across Europe makes me giggle...me and my staff carrying 50 annex backpacks maybe! Aaaah, to be a carefree girl with a black t-shirt and khakis and no luggage. hmmmm....I still have a week to become that girl. hmmmm. upside: I think I'll clean my closet today and put together a box (or 20)of things to give to charity.

Question...has anyone ever left 2 (indoor) cats alone for 8 days?? I'm not having any luck finding a catsitter!!


a new dream

I did it.

I frogged the poncho. I'm going from 39 stitches to 29, and size 19 needles to 13. I think it's gonna work. I hope it's gonna work! :-) (will she EVER just use a pattern??) I can feel a change in my knitting, just in the past few weeks. The first version of MND was a chore of counting, feeling lost. Tonite, I just felt a flow and the stitches seemed to count themselves. Soooo much more relaxing. (good chai at Kidd's coffeehouse didn't hurt!)

also worked on Airy scarf. Mohair thread...not so relaxing. I'm sure it will be beautiful in the end, but...I'll be working on it in private where I can swear unheard!

Now....sleep. I really really really hope I can sleep! The insomnia demons have been attacking for a few weeks and I'm turning into a zombie.

Big glass of warm milk time.

(hmmm...it's raining outside. A perfect peaceful sound for SLEEPING.)


spring green

made a scarf yesterday.
I like the pattern, yo drop it from SnB Nation, even tho I seem destined to start over more than finish things. (cast on waaaay too many stitches and was just loving the process of knitting far too much to notice the scarf was too wide for a foot or so.) Yes, she's one of the slow ones.... I seem to just enjoy the tactile nature of the yarns and the pretty colors long before the pattern of the FO sinks in. Same happened with poncho that's begging me to get to it today...

Happy Spring Green to everyone!

(teddy generously modeled.)

pattern: yo drop it, SnB Nation
yarn: Classic Elite Tinsel color 7481
needle: plastic US11
dates: 03.19.05...1 day!

OTN: airy scarf from Last Minute Gifts in pale lime green mohair/silk


Happy All-things-Irish day!

Today is a big day for my family.
When I was little, the leprechauns would come in the night leaving (chocolate) gold coins, presents, and green oatmeal and orange juice. Go figure that I was often ill that day! More importantly, though...it's my parents' anniversary. Happy 49th!!

There are a few boo-boos in this that I wish were more invisible, but I just couldn't see tinking ANY more of this (I swear I'm going to start taking garter projects to SnB/work!!) I'm going to try blocking it, maybe that will make it more perfect, ha. It was a really soft cotton to work with, I love my brittany needles, and I learned a new stitch! Not a bad project for the week. So....Mom and Dad...happy anniversary! hugs!


(color is much prettier sage green than in this pic!)

pattern: shamrock dishcloth
yarn: elsebeth lavold Cotton Patine designer's choice, 100% combed cotton color 09
needles: brittany US6
dates: 03.14.05-03.17.05

p.s. the cats are FINALLY getting along tonite! hurrah! (and, knock on wood that it lasts....)

blocked version 03.20.05...looks much better in person than pic, thank goodness...
shamrock blocked


a-swatchin' I go...

Knitting actual projects today would have been swell, but...I needed to learn a few skills/stitches first, so had a playful swatch day.

Started off teaching self how to work 2 colors (intarsia? not sure.) I was pleased about the joins in the same row, but was a bit confused when I tried to zig my zag. I'm not sure how to match up the purls...same column? the one I'm zagging to?
OK...most people would use a book/teacher/friend to learn this. Nope. Just trial and error. Also, I could only figure out how to do this in stockinette. When I tried using garter, my 2nd color was always danglin' from opposite side.
more "hmmm..."
Thank goodness for online groups and my SnB! Here's the view of THAT practice:

2 color swatch

The 2nd thing was learning *Yrn, P2tog* 2 times, after either K or P stitches. I only knew how to YO by having yarn on 'wrong' side. Today we learned fancy wrappin'! hurrah! Wonderful help was found here and from Ann (thanks!) on KnittingNovices. My loverly results:


Now I can finish working on the _______ for my parents' anniversary! (they're St Pat's lovebirds, 49 years!)

other news:
  • My usually sweet cats are being evil. Pure evil. Wanted to start the catbed from SnB handbook, but, noooooo, I don't think so. Listening to screaming and meowing all day was not proper inspiration, my dearies.
  • Tasty cheesy poofs that were on sale at CVS are not conducive to fingers clean enough for knitting (altho I have seen a garish orange yarn before that would allow swatching AND eating cheesy poofs!)
  • The poncho still isn't frogged. Just need to do it. Want to have it remade before vacation!
  • weekends are NOT long enough!


to sleep or play...

pattern: catwarming mouse from SnB Nation
yarn: sugar n cream (colors? denim blue and cherry swirl?)
needles: brittany #4 and dpn4
dates: 02.16.05-02.21.05

I think Murray would really like this mouse if I actually let him play with it.
He's touched it.
He's thrilled it's stuffed with jingle bells and has one stitched onto tail tip (bells from Michael's.)
I suppose now that it has photo proof of existing...I can...sniffle...actually let him play with (aka chew/destroy) it.


it's a washcloth

my first washcloth!
pattern: flying geese
yarn: sugar n cream countryside ombre

needles: bamboo US7
start: 03.07.05
complete: 03.09.05

still haven't really got around to getting this blog-worthy.
felt urge to post regardless.

made a washcloth this week.

Decided to frog the poncho and try smaller needles, smaller scaled pattern, and MEASURE it this time. Doing things freeform is definitely relaxing/creative/energizing, but...ya take the results ya get!

It's been a sad week in knitville. After the washcloth, I hung up my needles for a few days. (ok, I snuck a swatch in!) I seem to be developing some sort of thumb/wrist ailment (carpal tunnel? or just overuse?) I used the hand a LOT at work this week, so maybe it just needs rest and less time on small needles. I got one of those thermogenic wrist/hand braces. I think it will help while I'm on the computer, but not sure it's ideal all the time. Fingers turning blue from suffocation might be a bad sign. heehee.

The bright side... the time off will give me opportunity to turn poncho into yarn.

happy knitting, all!


done...for today.

here's the...um...poncho.
the shape isn't so hot, and it's toooo big. needs neckline.
Just not emotionally able to frog it today (or ever!??!)

is it a poncho?

wanted to set the blog up today.
want it to be fabulous.
lesson of the day: new knitters should perhaps not try major projects without a pattern.
probably a good plan for blogs, too....

I'll post pics, tell my story, etc. soon. I'm just scratching my head for now trying to decide if I can indeed call this a poncho. hmmmmmm.... Maybe I'll get the advice of the wise ones at SnB tomorrow. Regardless, the knitting was a joy for fingers and eyes. Just need a FO that equals that!!

Hope you stop by again...I'll try to set this up soon!

midsummer night's dream

test photo....