ways to cope

This was one of the worstest weeks ever. (wow, how's that for a chipper intro....)

T got me these. (so beautiful. so me. so sweet.)


I got me these. (photo stolen from World Market site since my pic wasn't so hot.)

new bedset

My room has always been green/blue/purple/yellow, soft tones. My life is changing; I'm ready for a red room.

And a yellow hat. (pic to follow as soon as there is some light.) Using a sunshine-y (read:oh-so-bright-yellow) smooshy soft lovely Malabrigo. My secret weapon to 1/1 cables? A toothpick, baby. Yes, a toothpick. And it works just great. My lust for this hat was a product of seeing Beth's lovely orange one.

I promise I'll try to use real words and real sentences as soon as the world feels real again. Thanks to all who have been sweet, supportive, and encouraging. I'll be really darn grateful to have you around in the coming days/weeks/????.

Happy knittin'.



I need a nap.
I spent the past week just trying to remember my blogger login.
Finally found my way in from my flickr pics.
New knits are there, and I try to keep up on Ravelry (whimZknits.)

Friends/family have hounded encouraged me to blog, tho, so I'll try to get this going again. Miss y'all anyway.

see you soon.