I'm in.

I couldn't resist.

I'm awed to find out there are more knitters in the Knit Olympics than athletes in Torino.
I'm in.
The games have begun.

Knit Olympics supplies

The supplies are ready.
1. Yarn is KnitPicks palette. Not pictured is their pattern for Northern Lights mittens (see below.)
2. Aluminum US3 DPNs. Took advice from locals and went up a few sizes. Thanks, Beth. The stitches aren't as pretty, but having a mitten that fits is...well...practical.
3. Wine. duh.
4. Chocolate. Again, duh. Junior mints are my fave movie candy, and the DeBrands chocolates from Fort Wayne, IN are the best in the world, IMHO.
5. Munchies. World Market's Lime and Salt Cashews are irresistable.
6. Reading Glasses. sigh. I know.

progress 6pm 02.11.06

6 p.m. 02.11.06
18 rows done. 180 or so to go. Plus thumbs. No ends to weave in, tho! I'm taking the pattern's advice and just catching the new yarn on the back before I need it. If I still had finishing to do after knitting, we'd be looking at the 2010 Olympic finale more likely...

Think I'll have my own version of these before the 26th?!?

knitpicks Northern Lights picture

Post your own progress pics on the new Flickr group Keli started! (Thanks, Keli!)

Happy Knitting, fellow Olympians and all!
sigh. I'm really happy. I know I finished the last post with that, too. There are frustrations in my world for sure (work is insane and an old problem popped up with a Hi, I'm back!,) but there are oodles of good things going on. My family rocks, my coworkers are a joy, and I'm seeing a guy that's pretty darned swell. Add in my knit pals (thanks for the great notes Karen, Nancy and others that I've also neglected writing back,) a couple cats, and the basket of knitty goodness above...
I'm smiling.


Beth said...

Lime and salt cashews? Something I must go purchase right now. Or tomorrow maybe as it's a bit late.

Those are going to be beautiful mittens - and if the weather actually turns into winter again - you might get to wear them! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are happy. Great mittens and sweater. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Are you never coming back?