I'm gonna love it

I will love this shawl when it is done.
It will be done.

I started it back in April as a shop sample. The Cozette is a soft yarn with a nice rustic feel from the silk.  Paired with a pretty lace pattern, it seemed like a nice quick Spring project.
This lace is kicking my butt.
I'm not new to the shawl game, or lace. It's a DK, so not even tiny yarn to challenge me. I have no idea why I can't get through a row without a mistake.
I finally got the nerve to tink back to a glaring booboo 7 rows earlier. (Couldn't see it until the pattern became obviously wonky.)
I'm not a lifeline user, but if the knitting gremlins are watching me, maybe that will discourage further mischief.
I guess I'm blogging this to publicly document my determination to FINISH.
It's gonna happen.

Sleeping kitties and tea help.

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