I'm home.

It smells like home.

Mom was surprised when I asked her for tips on making her beef stew. Yeah, I'm usually vegetarian. There are moments when sentiment, or manners, win over animal ethics. (Feel free to flame if you're hardcore veggie. I know.) The stew is cooking, and I feel like I'm home.

I haven't blogged in months.
Life had some twists, and I chose to spend my time reading, knitting, and socializing instead of blogging. (If anyone wants to provide me with DSL that could all change! Dialup does not make photo-blogging a quick process.)

I had thought of just slinking in to the class, sitting in the last row, and hoping no one would notice my tardiness. I once read a complaint about bloggers that were absent and then apologized about their reappearance. True. She's back. Not really worth READING about! Slink I shall.

I have been knitting.
I have been reading about knitting.
The joy of feeling yarn, seeing new stitches, finding new project ideas...all alive and well.

Tootsie is done.
I made a sweater. I haven't woven in the ends. I'm stalling on that.
I've made a few washcloths and the angelic (blogless) Karen made even more. They're for a charity project for the office mgr at work.
I started a breast cancer ribbon scarf in a yummy sparkly pink mohair blend.
I started a lacy scarf in Rowan summer tweed that I will be frogging.
I'm ignoring my clapotis.
I've started the 2nd strap for my quattro bag.
I still need to make my Dad's footies with his father's day yarn. (nope, dad, didn't forget!!)
I started some wrist warmers in Orangeade cottonease (hi there, cottonease followers!) and Target fun fur.
I started a multidirectional scarf using DiVe Teseo. I love love love it. It's browns and oranges and yummy.


I hopped.
And shopped.
and shop-hopped.

I have a lovely bag full of yarn, 500 miles on my car, and 12 stamps on my shophop card. 12 stores across Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio had a contest. I had a vacation day and an urge to spend some time alone fondling yarn. The fall leaves were lovely. I had a soft bed and quiet room in Georgetown, KY. My stash is bursting at the seams. It was fun, and I got lots of new ideas for projects.

I might post pics soon...of projects, and new stash.

But, I'm still on vacation, and it smells like home.


Keli said...

What did you wind up getting at Fiberge?

Bonnie D. said...

Well howdy, stranger! I would love to see pictures and details of your stash enhancement. I won't be making it to knitting group for some time due to my awful travel schedule so I'll live vicariously through blogs!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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