Romance Is Random

Any boy that survives me gets that and doesn't waste cash on roses (don't like 'em) or chocolates and jewelry (do like 'em.)

Yesterday I was a bit moody, thinking Boy was ignoring me. Turns out he'd lost his cell and didn't get my message. (ok, messages.) He calls at 12:30 a.m. (knowing that sorta thing is legal with me.)
"hey, sleepyhead."
"mad at me?"
"nope. mad at me?"
He's in car driving, we jabber, he's hungry, 30 minutes later he's on my couch with White Castle burgers for him and a milkshake for me.
I agree to help with the burgers.
I require ketchup. I'm wrapped in an afghan that requires 1 hand, the other hand is trying to keep burger off afghan. Opening the ketchup packet is challenging. I pitifully request help. He opens it.
I'm finally persuaded to go for a 2nd burger. It's sitting on my lap. I'm looking at it.
He reaches into the bag and silently opens a ketchup and hands it to me.

It's romance, baby.

15 minutes later he's on his way home, and I'm back in bed with a full belly and a silly grin.
I really need to relax and let the world spin on Faith.
A romance of another kind...

hat 01.14.06 topview

Made a hat this week. Love it. Wearing it.
It goes with PJs at 2:30 in the afternoon.

hat 01.14.06

1. Cotton Ease stash, anyone?
2. Aromatherapy heating pad teddy bear from Bro/Kids this Christmas.
3. 2 sleeping cats (only top of Murr's ears.)
4. PJs. Luscious wear-all-day Karen Neuburger PJs.
5. oh yeah, the hat. With charming camera over the head in mirror pose.

cable beanie 01.14.06

yarn: Zitron Loft 100% wool. soft soft wool. color 500, I think.
pattern: Chunky Cable Beanie with modified decreased top that I figured out on my ownsome!
needles: Denise 10.5/16" cable, brittany US9 DPNs or 10 3/4. I forget.
dates: 1.9.06-1.12.06

I had to modify the pattern a bit for different yarn gauge, my big head, a desire to cover my ears, and to create a rounded top.
(cast on 1 extra repeat of pattern, knit a few extra inches, and kept decreasing in pattern down to 3 stitches. Yes, I'm gloriously proud of the cute top the hat has.)

The Denise needles were great for this. I used my ShopHop winnings to get the set. (oops. I never blogged that I got 2nd place in ShopHop! $100 GC to LYS!!!) I was able to switch to smaller cables before resorting to DPN's. Nice. I hadn't expected to like plastic needles and got the set for convenience. Have ended up using them more often than my Addis lately!

I plan to make mittens and a scarf to go with the hat.
I wasn't sure I bought enough yarn.
Planned a trip to yarn shop. Was delayed a day.
The yarn had been there for over a year (thus me getting it on sale.)
It's not there.
"Someone came in this afternoon and got it to finish a project."
No, I needed it to finish my project.
Fume. Sorrow.
voicemail from (blogless)Karen the following morn "hey, was at yarnstore yesterday and grabbed the rest of your hat yarn so you'd be able to finish."
I fell off my chair laughing.

keep the faith, folks.

*added 02.11.06:
romance truly is random; it strikes and leaves, heh. No complaints, tho. I think I've found something even better than midnite burgers.


ttbookjunkie said...

I love that cable hat! Great job!!


Beth said...

Not enough serendipity in this world - but you just got a whole bunch. :)

Great hat!