When my modified patterns start going awry, I let the object morph.
I finished a scarf today.
It's now an earwarmer.
It's a cool pattern, and maybe it works in the intended yarn. It was twisting too much for my taste and was pretty skinny. Ends together, it's a dandy headwrap to keep the ears toastie.

pattern: cable scarf
yarn: zitron loft 500
needles: US9 brittany DPN (didn't need DPN, tho easy to work with for this.)
dates: 01.19.06-01.22.06
note: I knit this almost entirely continental!

and one hand can stay warm, too. Other mitten to follow. and a scarf, apparently.
first mitten

The sweater has had its public debut, and even tho it doesn't rival Mindy's first sweater, I'm pretty darned happy I finished it.

first sweater, glam photo

pattern: cropped mega chunky cable sweater
'big needle knits to wear' booklet
yarn: lion wool-ease thick and chunky, sky blue 106, lot 30332B
needles: bates plastic circ US13
dates: 09.13.05-01.07.06

Yeah, maybe bulky sweaters don't warrant sriking a pose, but...gimme a break...first sweater 'n all.


If you look over in the sidebar, I'm hoping to crank out a scarf this week for the Red Scarf Project. The mailing deadline is the 28th. To encourage myself, I got Manos like Rock Chick's, and am gonna try the So Called Scarf. Charity knitting, yes. Selfish yarn lust, yes.

I'm getting into a knitalong mood. I joined the hatalong (does my earwarmer count??) and have a few others bookmarked to join this week. I was explaining to a friend today the community aspect of knitting. Being a part of the online (and face-to-face) knitworld is so heartwarming. It makes me wanna spread the joy with charity knits and joining others working toward the same goals (be it patterns or themes.) Awwww...we're just a big ole happy knit family, eh.

Knit on.


Bonnie D. said...

WHOA!!! Your sweater is awesome, Laura! You should be really proud of your first sweater. I love that pattern. If I ever make it back to knitting group, I'd love to take a look at the pattern.


Beth said...

First sweaters deserve many, many kudos!! It looks fabulous!