100 Things about me (give or take)

  1. I stress out over making anything about me first on this list. I love versatility/diversity/change.
  2. Anytown, USA makes me sad (Wal-Mart, CVS, Staples, Target on every main drag.) I support small biz whenever I can! (sigh, but Target DOES have some darn cute stuff.)
  3. I knit. a lot. Caught the knitting bug 02/05 and have had the sticks/yarn in hand obsessively ever since.
  4. #3 overtook previous Reading obsession. Someday they'll be balanced (I think.)
  5. I REALLY like to read.
  6. I'm anti-air conditioning except for sleeping. I DO adore sleeping in a cold room. I DON'T adore wearing sweaters indoors all summer.
  7. I haven't dated since 06/04. I've never been married. Willing to change both of those.
  8. My cats are my 'kids,' but I scowl at living with their antics, fur and smells. Their warm sweet cute selves make me get over it.
  9. I'm indifferent to diamonds, but swoon over well-designed pieces with other stones. (more into artsy stuff than most 'fine' jewelry)
  10. Being in the woods or at a lake/ocean makes me giddy.
  11. I'm too squeamish about bugs and lionstigersbearsohmy and other creepy crawlies to be a naturalist. Too opposed to guns to be a park ranger. Would love to be paid to be outside.
  12. Ice cream should not have chunky things in it. I forgive fruit. (same rules apply to chocolate.)
  13. I'm randomly accidentally superstitious. like....nervous defining a 13th thing about me.
  14. I'm not actively religious, but spiritually curious and respectful that humans aren't likely the highest order.
  15. I'm incapable of being concise. Or packing lightly.
  16. I am philosophically a vegan, but practicing pesco-(ovo/lacto)vegetarian. My body doesn't seem willing to give up the fish, or I'm too lazy to figure out better nutrition without it. I'm also too shallow to resist pretty leather purses/shoes.
  17. I'm a scientist by career and personality. I love to explore, I love precision. I LIKE rules. I like answers. I like questions. I like playing with beakers and chemicals and watching my hands use their skills.
  18. Knitting is the best balance to #17 I've found. I can be artistic in a structured setting. When I make mistakes, I'm pretty darned relaxed about it. I even can change patterns without getting an ulcer.
  19. Music used to be the balance. I miss it. I miss my piano. I have my violin back and just need the guts to practice with neighbors in hearing range.
  20. My fantasy is to be a doctors-without-borders type...no material needs, just making lives better in horrific settings. At bare minimum, I need MOTIVATION to do local volunteer work.
  21. I like living in 4 seasons climate. I'm not opposed to the cold, tho having green/flowers around all the time wouldn't be a bad thing.
  22. I'm a pretty decent cook. I think science and cooking are similar. Like knitting, cooking allows an artistic flair element...with edible results!
  23. I love celebrating birthdays, holidays, special events. Buying little gifts for pals when I see things that remind me of them makes me giggle.
  24. I wish I was less of a packrat, a better housekeeper. Those empty 'zen'/decorated houses amaze me.
  25. This list feels dull. #25 - I'm too serious sometimes!
  26. If asked my fave color, I'd likely go with purple. It depends on the colored object, tho! I'm really drawn to muted purples, greens, blues, but bright yellow/orange/red/fuchia seem to be screaming to me lately. Neon or subtle lime green rocks, regardless of Bob's opinion. I also am drawn to baby-pink clothes. I'm trying to develop a fondness for earth tones. (I'd probably look better in browns/tans/oranges.) I'll never like coral, tho...sorry. I wear dark gray/red/white a lot in the winter. and...well....black always works.
  27. to be continued....

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