Stuff I've got, and wishlist

stuff I've got:

The Knitted Teddy Bear
SnB Handbook and SnB Nation
Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living
Perpetual Calendar
Lily mix 'n match kitchen
Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework
At Knit's End
Zen and the Art of Knitting
spring and summer IK '05, summer '04
Cast On may '05


straights in wood/bamboo: 1, 3, 4,6,7,19.
alum: 7, 9, acrylic:11, 15

dpns 0000, 2, 4, 9

circs addis: 6 (16"), 11 (24")
bamboo: 10 (16"), 10.5 (29"), 13 (29"),
boye 0 (16")

a variety of crochet hooks in aluminum and acrylic.

(sneaking feeling I have some US8's somewhere, but not on list, so maybe not. hmmmm)

I really like using Brittany needles (for looks/feel,) Fiddlesticks (for lightweight stuff,) and ADDI turbos (when slippery isn't bad.) I've had good experiences with Clover needles, too. And...when I'm in festive mood...my bright red acrylic 15's DO make me smile! I haven't tried rosewood needles, or the Denise system. Plastic and Aluminum are ok, but they lose the aesthetic angle for me, and kinda hurt my fingers.
well, the stash is beyond quick inventorying...........


wool: the cascade for the bag I'm working on. I think that's it. (other than some WoolEase picked up on sale this week, not really counting as WOOL.)

cotton: oodles of sugar and cream on hand for washcloths, and a couple tahki cottons. I figure this supply can be infinite and still be useful :-)

1 ball of lime green mohair/silk.

A variety of really lightweight cotton and nylon crochet yarns...not sure of formal 'weight.' (needle size 1-3)

I've followed the Cotton Ease craze on Knitlist, etc. so picked up several 3 packs of it this week in yellow/orange/red/pink. Agree with a comment calling folks lemmings. :-)

the rest of the stash is either in use for projects (ribbon shawl-not going as well as hoped, poncho-needs frogged), or are just single balls I got to play around with, either for purselets or scarves, probably.

I have a really bad habit of just grabbing a ball of yarn because it begs me to buy it. I can't bear to watch yarn pout/beg/cry. It's worse than kittens (the yarn doesn't require 24/7 care.) I really could use help buying yarn for "projects," or getting yarn with specific intended use! (I also could use an assistant knitter to do my seaming/weaving ;-) My seams are awful.)
accessories list is too long to add. Things I know I don't have: "katcha" counter or counting bracelet, stitch holders, coil-less pins, blocking board, yarn cutter/scissors, functional knitting bag...and so on!

wishlist is somewhat updated on Amazon (searchable by my name.) I put tooooo much crabtree/evelyn stuff on there, so it's kind of hard to wade thru (and toooo expensive.)

sorry this is so long! I kind of put it here for myself as well as you, just so I have a clue of what I have and want!

I grinned when I saw your comment this morning. mmmmmmm......surprises! I'm sure I'll love anything you pick out. It's really neat knowing you're out there thinking of me. thank you!

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