beds (not mine,) scarves, and washcloths.

Beds- I should use mine more. However, if I did, there'd be less time to knit. I have 3 nites of knitting groups this week, and am plotting a 4th. KnitslutQueen, she shall be!
princess' bed is chugging along.
Alas, ran out of yarn on weekend, and grrrrrr Hobby Lobby's no Sunday hours...well...the knitting had a break. Should be done this week. Meanwhile, princess has given her official approval of the base.

princess' bed base 042305

Scarves- I started one tonite...sorta. Bought some sugar and cream in terribly bright pink/orange/yellow colorway in case I got bored with other projects at SnB tonite. After I ran out of yarn for main project...I started a YoDropIt scarf on #19 needles just to be silly. Haven't decided if I like it. Good for giggles, anyway. Does one make scarves that look like they should be a market bag???

Washcloths- I did NOT start one tonite in SandC yarn that is NOT green. I DID finish the one for the office mgr. Here's a closeup of the stitch. Beyond that...it's... a washcloth. (I like it.) I even folded it into an adorable butterfly AFTER my camera battery died. Maybe I'll get a pic tomorrow a.m.
oct20stitch closeup 042505
pattern: Perpetual Calendar October 20th with 3 stitch seed border
yarn: bernat cottontots color Koolade
needles: addi turbo #6...yeah, I bit the forbidden addi apple.
dates: 04/20/05-04/25/05

I should probably revisit that bed issue now!

To the visitors that mailed me: Thanks for the blog compliments and well-wishes for my mom!

g'nite, all! (that's me trying to act like I'm actually going to go to bed like a sane person would...)

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Bob in Cincy said...

Look at that minimally green washcloth! Purty. :-)

Bob in Cincy
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