UNEXPECTEDly bold, bright, approachable

"what are you knitting?" the curious passerby asked at the bookstore.
that's it, I think, i'll hook them with freaky projects... "um...not really sure."
"ah. I'm just getting into knitting. Looks fun."
another one lured closer for our side.

I dubbed it the french market scarf. It just reminds me of the net shopping bags I've seen knitted/crocheted. But a scarf. It's really not all that pretty, but it does get attention! It seems to make ME bolder, too. I struck up conversations with a few strangers while I had it on. The UNEXPECTED secret powers of the yarn. Must remember to wear it on shy days!
pattern: YoDropIt, SnB Nation...sorta
yarn: sugar 'n cream color playtime
needles: clover #19
dates: 04.25.05-04.27.05

There was a rare sighting of a washclothus pipercleanii butterfly this week. I managed to capture it on film.
butterfly washcloth042605

Of course, I made it with the intent of it being a WASHCLOTH, dish or face. Alas, the butterfly was deemed too pretty to undo, so she plans to leave it on her table tied up. hmmmmmm. Cool that she likes it...maybe it will be freed post-spring to live out its intended life.
The catbed is ALMOST done. The top was pieced together, and seamed to the bottom. Just need to reinforce the sides now. ...I probably should have done the pattern as it was written, the sides ARE kinda short. I'm happy with it, tho. The seams are delightfully invisible (hurray for chunky yarns!!) I don't think I needed to make the large version, but it will protect extra furniture surface from cathair! Now...I just need to convince her to USE IT!!! (the suggested catnip will work on Murr, not her.)
Started a _______ for Mom for Mum's Day. Enough about that...
non-knitting stuff:
LIMITED EDITION Haagen Dazs Banana Split Ice Cream. Yum.

weather=ick. Good for knitting. Not good for spring walks/flowers.

watched 2nd Bridget Jones movie...my life except for 2 gorgeous co-stars fighting for me, time in a Thai prison singing Madonna, and being British. Oh, and she didn't have cats. Watched Attack Of the Clones (much belatedly)...ready for new Star Wars movie!!

Could life be more exciting??? ...need to wear the scarf more, perhaps. BOLD.

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Bob in Cincy said...

French Market Scarf and washclothus pipercleanii butterfly look wonderful! Way to go!!! :-)

And I'm sure your mom will enjoy the knit bikini project that you are planning and feverishly executing. *evil grin*

(If it doesn't work out, then just "execute" it. *bwahahaha*)

By the way, it's Liesl's BIRTHDAY today (Wednesday). Send her a quick note and let her know you miss her.

Bob LoParo
yarnbob514 AT yahoo DOT com