Well...that was a week.
My mom was in hospital having a very not lovely time for 7 days. The good news...she's home now and seems on the mend. hurrah. HUGS, mom!!

knittin' news:
The cat bed is purring along. (sorry, that's bad.) The base is done, and I'm working on the sides. The garter seemed insanely boring to me when I began, but the past few days I've learned how wonderfully relaxing that can be...soft yarn on fingers, mindless rows back and forth. I did change the pattern a bit before I decided that, tho. The sides seemed higher than I needed, so doing shallower pieces that will end up needing seamed. We'll see!

Started a quick washcloth for the office manager at work. I needed her assistance quite a bit this week, and even tho she wanted me to bribe her with baked goods, she's getting knitting. She was skeptical that I could make a non-wintery item. ha! However, considering the forecast here this weekend....a scarf wouldn't be out of order! Using the double woven stitch from Perpetual Calandar (october 20th) after seeing it done on another site. Shows off the variegated yarn festively. Will post pic/details when done.

SnB was fun this week....both nites. Yes, I'm a knitslut. I'll knit with anyone. heh. There are groups popping up all over town, and it's so fun to meet the new folks, and enjoy the familiar faces (like fellow knitslut Bob.) Speaking of Bob, I bought some yarn this week that is not green. I hadn't really realized my fondness for green yarn until he commented. So, while my fingers reached out to fondle the lovely sages and limes at LYS...I went with a flame color combo (like his phoenix socks.) Hopefully it will show up in future post on its way to becoming a purselet.

I've upgraded my apartment from condemned to messy pit so far this weekend. It's a start. I'm sure the chores will lazily be done, but it's feeling soooooo good to stay in PJs with nowhere to be! Maybe a few more rows on catbed before cleaning resumes... (knitting before chores? there's a surprise.)

Happy knitting and weekend to all!

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