miss me?

well, I've been back almost a week. Forgot to blog pre-trip and been too lazy this week! Must be residual sand on the brain (lovely lovely beach walks last week! And a trip to the Masters course.)

Quick catch up....

'finished' the poncho. Still don't like it very much. Maybe some crocheting will make it lovely. or a different shaped wearer...

Made a washcloth on vaca. No big thing, BUT BUT BUT...I actually used it last nite! (So far I haven't been able to use the 'practical' things I've made.) I rather liked the feel of it. We'll see how it washes up. I like the edging on it, tho it felt strange to knit. It's a yfwd, slip 3 at end of row, knit all 3 on next row...applied I-cord. (not blocked at all for its photo op)

blue washcloth 04.05

pattern: checkerboard washcloth
yarn: Sugar 'n Cream
color:some blue...um...denim? dunno
needles: bamboo US7
dates: 03.28.05-04.02.05

Started the SnB CatBed sunday nite (but not in fun fur.) It's EVER so soft. They were very good kitties while I was gone, so I'm finally inspired to work on it. Can't you tell how excited Murr was to have me home?!?

murr and me 04.09.05

I just printed out a pic I took of Tiger in Augusta last week to show off to boss who adores him (kiss up? me?!?!?)

Also, local SnBs got a big hype in local street mag this week. Yours truly has a pic in it even (tho I'm not really loving the pic choice.) Kinda exciting, eh. Just wish the article credited Shawn for founding our group! (and the wonderful caution tape bag was done by Angel.) So, there's the excitement in my li'l world.

...or something like that.

happy knitting all!

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