In my imagination...

goals for weekend:

1. make berry pie (blackberry?)
2. do oodles of yoga to counteract pie.
3. eat oodles of pie to counteract yoga.
3. make progress on quattro bag.
4. finish ribbon shawl.
5. finish bookmark.
6. organize beads.
7. wash car.
8. laundry/dishes/vacuum, etc.
9. eat more pie.
10. do more yoga.
11. rinse, repeat.
12. finish a few chapters in sherlock holmes and start Anna Karenina.
13. find sugardaddy to take me to opera.
14. revise list to reality.

Off to eat Indian yumminess and watch a video while working on shawl.

secretpal: Wasn't ignoring you. busy week. I don't know much about 'recycled yarn.' I'm new enough that I kinda need gauge/fibercontent/washing instructions, and enjoy something somewhat resembling a 'new yarn' smell. Not destroying the world to create new while the old languishes is a good thing, I agree. (straddling the fence, I know. Guess my answer is: it depends!)

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Bob in Cincy said...

Any items to cross off yet?