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I have a job!

Take that for granted in your world?
In the past year I've watched 5 or 6 friends struggle with this alongside me. Responsible, educated, "with it" adults. Jobs aren't a for-sure-thing anymore.


I have a job!

The company I've been temping for since last summer finally gave me a permanent position. Mostly, I'll be doing the same job, but there will be extra responsibilities now. And a desk in my own cubby. And lots of new stacks of paperwork trying to cover it.
Did I mention I have my own desk now!?!

Woo-hoo. Ms. WhimZ has a job.
On the knitting front:
I haven't finished anything this week. Have done a few more rounds on the bag. Have done a few reps of the orange bookmark(?) pattern. Have read oodles of blogs. Have shopped for my secret pal. Have joined the freakshow of Cotton Ease hoarders.

quattro bag is growing!

quattro/cascade bag in progress, next to the cute li'l pillow from Mom/Dad!

I found some plastic circ's at JoAnn for 1.99....has anyone tried these? I bought a few for giggles this weekend (in sizes I don't already have) with 50% off coupons...So, even if they're icky, I can use them in a pinch. If anyone has experience with these, please let me know!

Hopefully I'll get the ribbon shawl going again this week. I have a fantasy of finishing it this week and wearing it to the opera next weekend. Wow, tho...opera tix are PRICEY! I've promised myself to learn to like opera and have gone to one each of the past 2 summers. The other night I watched a PBS special called "operatunity" that was fantastic (heehee...I don't like reality TV, but this show could make me a convert!) By the time I am rich and old and distinguished, I'll be crying like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman at the grand musical experience!

I think the notion of doing a top is rapidly approaching. I have a sweater in mind, and a tank top is a possibility (to use up some of the Cotton Ease!) I'm nervous about jumping to that level. I better watch it, or I'll be doing socks before I know it. Hey, Bob...how ARE the socks? (echoes of "phoenixphoenixphoenix" are heard in the distance.....)

Bob's phoenix sock in progress
Bob's sock is coming along. If he finishes it, how can I tease him?

Must.finish.phoenix! ...or, too many shots at starbucks. your pick.

[This post was written 6/18 and just posted 6/23...that's a hint of my life in new-job-land. The shawl is growing, the bookmark is almost done!]


Bonnie D. said...

Congrats on the job!! I'm sure that brings some stress relief to you. I hope you enjoy it. I love what you said about CottonEase - the freakshow... It has taken on a life of its own!!

I really hope to make it next Tuesday.... I'm going through withdrawal!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I never got a reply on my last email. I was a bit worried you'd forgotten about me. Since I haven't heard from you, I am going to go ahead and send your package tomorrow! Yay! It wont be exactly what I wanted to send, but I'll be sending another your way soon to make up the difference.

I hope you have more time to knit this week!


Keli said...

Yay for permanency!

Anonymous said...

Glad about the job. I know it was something you worried about. Sounds like things are going good for you, I'm glad