lazy hazy days of Spring

blogging -
not so much.
knitting -
not so much.

I have been reading and finally made it to the grocery. My apartment is at lower hurricane levels than frequently observed. I have slept.

The weather is hot. This doesn't make me whiny like most around here, but it does slow me down a bit. It makes sitting on the porch sipping a *beverage, kicked back with a book, knitting 1 row an hour, seem like good livin'.

I finished a washcloth tonite. Nope, it's not getting posted. I experimented with yarn choice and edging. It's not ugly, but it won't be the gift I'd intended. I bought backup yarn. Maybe that version will make it to blogville soon.

I only went to one SnB this week (yeah, I said only.) It was a good time. I miss the other groups, but being home to eat/sleep/read/live/play with kitties has to fit in somewhere. I'm gonna put my garden in this weekend hopefully. And clean the closet. And blogstalk other knitters. And watch some videos I've taped. And read a teensy portion of the mountain of books. And play outside at the park. And...I'm sure they'll be some knittin' in there, too.

you didn't doubt that, did ya?

*something I need to add to my about me: I neglected to mention my fondness for coffee/tea. Fondness, she says. I'm rarely seen without a coffeecup in hand, tho sometimes that cup has hot tea/chai in it instead...(or grape cool-aid, in current weather. Or adult beverages. Or maybe that swell new lime pepsi.) hmmm....I just like to drink. all. the. time.


Bob in Cincy said...

* LUSH! :-)

Bob in Cincy said...

Oh, I should qualify my previous comment: