the Big zucchini and a new knitter

Thursday nite the big zucchini began as this.

zucchini and wine
[wine bottle for size comparison only, of course.] [darned good wine, tho.]

Poor thing. He soon was this.

zucchini grated

and then this.

chocolate zucchini cake

Joy, oh joy...before noon the next day, he was this!

it was cake

The coworkers set a record devouring one of my baked goods offerings. Made me smile.
chocolate zucchini cake. Can't really post the recipe since it was found in a comment on someone's blog. Feel free to mail me for it if you're interested.
Like everyone else is saying...it's hot. Really hot. Too hot for meaningful posts. Can't complain, tho...at least I have A.C. (unlike poor Aunt Purl!)
Knittin' news:
finished Ravenclaw bookmark. I'm just telling everyone an 8 year old child made it. Sides are kinda wonky. (aside: wonky has hit my fave word list in the past few weeks. odd.)

Clap has had 4th drop. Totally digging the pattern, but kinda dreading how long it's gonna go on. (ADD 'n all...)

I got a sudden burst of inspiration to work on Quattro last nite. (ok. I was watching a movie...Princess Diaries...very cute/sweet, and it's the only straight garter project already OTN.) There's even a chance I'll finish the bag today and MAYBE felt it. The strap will have to wait.

Friday was very exciting in knittingland. A coworker (the recipient of said bookmark) was begging me to teach her to knit. I agreed to do it during lunch. I taught myself to knit from a book OVER A WEEKEND. She had a half hour. With my same yarn and needles (11s and icky acrylic,) and another knitter's advice (2 knitters providing more style options,) she actually got a garter swatch done. I was very impressed. She spent the afternoon walking around with the yarn in her labcoat pocket, knitting away. I'm sure our supervisors were just loving that I've created yet another addict. (Director came in and said to me...you just HAD to do that knowing her OCD, didn't ya....I evilly grinned.) I'm curious if she's gonna still be interested on Monday. I'm guessing yes! If anyone reading this happens to have some needles (probably 11 and up for beginner's scarf) and soft green yarns that they aren't wanting...give me a holler, and maybe I can buy them from you. I promised her purling and better supplies if she practiced! (she HATED the acrylic, but it's a good learning yarn because it doesn't split.)

stay cool, everyone!


miss kendra said...

that's a huge mother hubbard of a zucchini.

ck said...

Chocolate zucchini bread? Sounds interesting. I would like to find out where you saw the recipe if you could email me.

Sounds like you must be a great knitting teacher!

Bonnie D. said...

Oh my! (to the zucchini and wine bottle)

I can only imagine what fun the group could have talking about that!

(cake looked delish!)