...and so it continues.

My blogiversary is today. Not whimZknits, but my first blog. It was an outlet for me to combine a journal with creative writing. Some days were successful. Most were pointless babblings. It was exciting and scary and vulnerable and funny (to write.) I managed to finish writing my first (last?) short story during that time. Readers moved on, my interests shifted, and that blog faded away. The notion of blogging wasn't lost, tho. I still hope to turn whimZknits into something more like the blogs I rush to read most days. Regardless, I love being able to share things that matter to me with people that understand and offer support and laughs. I heart you blogville!

Looking back at my first post, times have indeed changed. Who would have guessed that the memory of the boy would have faded away and dating would be replaced with a love of yarn! (ok...I still hope to date someday. For now, tho, there are some pretty soft yarns out there to snuggle up to, they rarely make me cry, and they ALWAYS let me have the remote!) Thanks, R, for giving me my blog...it was more than a cure for EH. It was a door to new friends and the beginning of me finding my voice in the world.

Just for giggles, here was my first post ever:

07-06-04 07:05 pm
...and so it begins.

Beginnings are tricky things. (eh, so are endings for that matter.) I've been writing since I was 3, I think. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to pin what was in my skull onto a piece of paper in words. I also can't recall a time that I wasn't frustrated at my lack of ability to do so. Sometimes need overrides quality, and my musings are recorded.

A few years ago, I met a guy. Yeah, I know...that happens all the time. The newsworthy portions were that he inspired me to write more. and that he sometimes made me think the babblings weren't total crap. and that i thought i was in love with him (that can be debated at different times, different days.) and that he's a web junkie that one day said "you should start a blog."

For now...a good portion of this will probably relate to the above paragraph. Assuming my life has some new paragraphs in store...that will likely change. But, for now...the story begins with..."A few years ago, I met a guy."

I have a couple rules in my writing. I try not to edit. I think that it's cheating to alter what you obviously meant at the time it was written to what feels tastier right now. I try to record the time and events surrounding my writing. I'm notorious for spewing words right after seeing movies, drinking wine, etc. I try to use good grammar and spelling, but give exceptions to "i, tho, nite." ...and perhaps a few others. and i use non-capitalized sentence fragments. ...and I use dot.dot.dot a lot.lot.lot. deal with it.


...and so it begins.

Knitting news:
~ribbon shawl had its dinner debut. woohoo! no pics yet, tho.
~clapotis groweth. I love a pattern so easy to memorize that's more exciting than garter!
~working on a strange project for my dad. Let's just call it fiber experimentation.
~quattro is waiting patiently. I think it's resigned to perhaps needing cooler weather to be resumed.

Raise a glass of champagne (or Kool-aid. I'm not picky)...happy 1st year of blogging!


jenny said...

happy blogaversary! did you figure out what to do about the birdies?

Bob in Cincy said...

Happy blogiversary! :-)

On my way to travel the southern and eastern part of our world.

Bob in Cincy

Bonnie D. said...

Lifting my lemon martini to salute you! Congratulations on your one-year anniversary!

jenny said...

i know, i know...wings! eep!
(i'll be back next week...bw3 will not trick me twice)