li'l bit of this, li'l bit of that

The advantage of daily blogging is not having to catch up, I can see.

The fun of festival weekend in my hometown will wait.
The fun of Tuesday knittin' last week must wait.
The pic of batman shawl will wait (tried to take pic without daylight. blech.)

on to This Week:

I think I'm noticing a trend in my obsessions hobbies. I enjoy studying them at least as much as the actual practice of them. I can tell you a lot more about knitting/cooking/reading than I've actually done. I don't think it's a bad thing, it's just less visibly productive. However, it makes for a very crowded kitchen and sizeable stash... I think I'm gonna work on more action, less theorizing in my life!

Things done recently:
reading - I'm gleefully off in Harry Potter-land again! Wanted to go to a bookstore party friday nite, but felt kinda silly going solo amongst the kiddies. Picked it up Saturday morning instead. Started a bit slow, but the cloak of Potter-ness is starting to wrap around me in a happy way. These books are just the most amazing escape. They've even spilled over into my...

knitting: working on 2 HP bookmarks.
One I'm doing flat in Ravenclaw colors for a co-worker (I'm a Ravenclaw, too, it would appear! What are you?)


pattern: 15 st wide garter
yarn: #5 DMC floss, colors 312 and 400 (blue and bronze, not sure which is which!)

needles: boye US 0 circ
dates: 07.17.05-present
p.s. look, Mom! the bag from the clinique goodies you gave me (love 'em, btw!) is much fancier than my usual CVS/ziploc bag small-project-holder.

and the other...
I started my first DPN circular project using Gryffindor colors. Note to self...learning DPNs on size 0 with #10 crochet thread...maybe not ideal plan. I probably should have read how to use these first or had a buddy help...naaaah.

Gryffindor bookmark

The clapotis is being neglected until the bookmarks are done. I'm anxious to get back to it!
(it's darker than this pic, I think. more of a burgundy.)


Quattro is just gonna have to wait until cooler weather. (yeah, that's my excuse.)

Belatedly, I made it to the LYS going-out-of-biz 50% off sale. Without patterns in mind, I wasn't really tempted very much. Got a great Jo Sharp pattern book, 1 bamboo circ needle, 2 novelty balls, and 2 sock yarn balls. VERY behaved compared to Anita, Bonnie, and others! Finally stopped by another LYS (1 More Stitch...can't find a link) that has hours clashing with my schedule. Rather crowded place, but really good collection of Rowan yarns and Addi's/accessories and back issues of mags/patternbooks. Good to know it's there IF I can get there! (got one old issue of IK. NO YARN! amazing, eh!)

and that's what's been hap'nin' with my knitting.
Wanted to send this out to the world...
y'all should know my parents are some pretty darn sweet folks. My mom was a doll and did up my laundry last weekend (I really took it there planning to do it myself!) and I'm always gleeful to find cards/hugs from her in my mailbox (the envelopes instantly do not look like bills or ads!) We won't even go into her yummy cooking... And Dad....is dad. He's sweet and generous and is where my 'green' soul came from. There's a safe feeling knowing the dwarf's little girl's daddy always has her back. love ya, m/d!
This week:
I hope to make it to 2 knit nites.
I hope to finish both bookmarks.
I plan to get back to my clapotis!
I'll be reading reading reading HP!
Maybe I'll start a mini-project for my secret pal. (note to self: send her a card this week!)
Speaking of sp5...if mine stops by...hi! Hope you got at least one of the thank you's I sent!

and...of course...I'll be busy blogstalking. heh.

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jenny said...

Yay HP knitters! I'm a Slytherin according to the lil test, which makes things rather interesting with book 6 (ok, I read it early, my roomie works at a bookstore and lacks the ethics to keep those boxes sealed!) I'll seeya Tuesday!!