ohmy ohmy!

secret pal...you rock.

I was kind of 'waiting' on the last package, so finding it on my porch was gleeful, but not Unexpected. Tonite...
I was in a fairly crabby mood coming home (good day in general, but some stress I didn't need at the end,) and it's hot out. Very hot out. I stepped onto the porch to see...

my mailbox wasn't closed. There was a big ole box stickin' out of it.

Crabby mood GONE.

I ran inside to see what the treat was...and I'm stunned! I can't sew a thing (my mom did my 4-H project for me after my attempts at machine sewing were going to cause excessive frustration for all parties involved.) My buddy made me an awesome satchel (knitting bag) with long straps and inside pockets. She MADE it! It will make a fabu knitting bag, altho I love it so much, I might use it for a market bag (can sling across neck.) If that weren't excitement enough, I peeked inside....

bubbles. me 'n the kitties love us some bubbles. (I'm not a grown-up. really I'm not. I kept saying I was going to go hide in my treehouse during stressful moments today.)

Jelly bellies. I have an official Jelly Belly dispenser. Love them JB's!!

A festive looking collection of mystery stories, Malice Domestic 6. It will be great lunch time reading since the stories are fairly short.

A really nice note on a cat postcard.

sigh. I needed this today. I love this. Thank you so much!

p.s. The JBs were a good choice...the chocolate surprisingly survived the heat before...I think even air would melt today!
p.p.s. I don't see what you were worried about with the bag. I think it looks perfect!

(pics will follow, but I just had to get a post up ASAP.)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like it! I really loved that fruit fabric. Anywho, I'd love to see a picture of you holding the bag, if it had yarn, that would be even better! I like collecting pictures of people using the things I make them. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Malice Domestic 6 was just a silly joke. I love the picture on the cover!


Bonnie D. said...

Laura! You lucky duck! Sounds like a great gift and a great SP.

Bring the stuff Tuesday so i can see!