it's all about faith.

Quatro (the bag) is knitted.
It was 22 longx17 high.
Now: 20x12.
This means I have about 112 inches of strap to knit...

A few minutes into the felting process, I just had to peek.
Oh no.
My lovely quatro yarn was ugly mud. The top of the bag hadn't felted and was a stretchy mess. I KEPT THE FAITH. 2 cycles later....a lovely felted bag emerged! Amazing!
It's still drying, so no 'after' pics yet. Here's a view of its final moments as a knitted bag:

quatro before felting

I'm actually pretty excited about it. I've been working on this for several months now. It's a lot larger than I anticipated, but will make a great tote/bookbag...um....yarn bag!?! I'll keep y'all posted for felted pics and the strap.

Here's a shot of the bookmark before I handed it off at work. It was fun enough to make. I think I'm cured of my itsybitsy toothpick knitting obsession for a while now, tho. (I accepted that my own Potter bookmark on DPNs just wasn't happ'nin. I can live with that.)

ravenclaw bookmark
pattern: 15 st wide garter, with border that used CROCHET HOOK, Bob.
yarn: #5 DMC floss, colors 312 and 400 (blue and bronze)
needles: boye US 0 circ
dates: 07.17.05-07.24.05

Thanks to Karen showing off her latest pillow creation, I started another new project this week on a whim. (whimZ has whims? hmmmmm.) She had made a bolster pillow cover that looks like a tootsie roll...long tube, tie up the ends. Hers was CottonEase. Mine...isn't. I was at the LYS and found Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, color Sand. Soooooo soft. I found a comment by someone using this that compared it to knitting clouds. REALLY soft. I'm using Lorna Lace Grace Mohair/Wool Boucle in pinkish-purple/chocolate/sage for random stripes. Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it. AND...it's the first project I've ever been able to knit without having to watch my hands at all. Perfect for...
knitting while watching movies.
Which I did twice this weekend.

Friday nite, I watched Hotel Rwanda. I don't even know what words to use for it. Intense, horrifying, inspiring? It made me question humanity. My fingers poured that into the yarn, stitch by stitch.
Saturday, Bob, Jeff and I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch, then saw March of the Penguins. Go See This Movie!! It's everything a film should be...funny, educational, moving, beautiful. Bob and I measured out the penguins' long journey in lengths of yarn in the dark theater. (yeah...mohair boucle is NOT ideal movie yarn. It didn't come out too wonky, tho.) I love that my feelings seem to be pouring into this project. The first few inches were done during a stunning sunset at a park near my house. I wished on the first evening star that day.
I'm gonna love this pillow when it's done for more than just its beauty and softness!

The title of the post is a recurring theme for me...in life, in writing, in blogging.
Must. Have. Faith.
I feel like my world is becoming a continual lesson of that right now.
I'm trying to listen.


ohmy ohmy!

secret pal...you rock.

I was kind of 'waiting' on the last package, so finding it on my porch was gleeful, but not Unexpected. Tonite...
I was in a fairly crabby mood coming home (good day in general, but some stress I didn't need at the end,) and it's hot out. Very hot out. I stepped onto the porch to see...

my mailbox wasn't closed. There was a big ole box stickin' out of it.

Crabby mood GONE.

I ran inside to see what the treat was...and I'm stunned! I can't sew a thing (my mom did my 4-H project for me after my attempts at machine sewing were going to cause excessive frustration for all parties involved.) My buddy made me an awesome satchel (knitting bag) with long straps and inside pockets. She MADE it! It will make a fabu knitting bag, altho I love it so much, I might use it for a market bag (can sling across neck.) If that weren't excitement enough, I peeked inside....

bubbles. me 'n the kitties love us some bubbles. (I'm not a grown-up. really I'm not. I kept saying I was going to go hide in my treehouse during stressful moments today.)

Jelly bellies. I have an official Jelly Belly dispenser. Love them JB's!!

A festive looking collection of mystery stories, Malice Domestic 6. It will be great lunch time reading since the stories are fairly short.

A really nice note on a cat postcard.

sigh. I needed this today. I love this. Thank you so much!

p.s. The JBs were a good choice...the chocolate surprisingly survived the heat before...I think even air would melt today!
p.p.s. I don't see what you were worried about with the bag. I think it looks perfect!

(pics will follow, but I just had to get a post up ASAP.)


the Big zucchini and a new knitter

Thursday nite the big zucchini began as this.

zucchini and wine
[wine bottle for size comparison only, of course.] [darned good wine, tho.]

Poor thing. He soon was this.

zucchini grated

and then this.

chocolate zucchini cake

Joy, oh joy...before noon the next day, he was this!

it was cake

The coworkers set a record devouring one of my baked goods offerings. Made me smile.
chocolate zucchini cake. Can't really post the recipe since it was found in a comment on someone's blog. Feel free to mail me for it if you're interested.
Like everyone else is saying...it's hot. Really hot. Too hot for meaningful posts. Can't complain, tho...at least I have A.C. (unlike poor Aunt Purl!)
Knittin' news:
finished Ravenclaw bookmark. I'm just telling everyone an 8 year old child made it. Sides are kinda wonky. (aside: wonky has hit my fave word list in the past few weeks. odd.)

Clap has had 4th drop. Totally digging the pattern, but kinda dreading how long it's gonna go on. (ADD 'n all...)

I got a sudden burst of inspiration to work on Quattro last nite. (ok. I was watching a movie...Princess Diaries...very cute/sweet, and it's the only straight garter project already OTN.) There's even a chance I'll finish the bag today and MAYBE felt it. The strap will have to wait.

Friday was very exciting in knittingland. A coworker (the recipient of said bookmark) was begging me to teach her to knit. I agreed to do it during lunch. I taught myself to knit from a book OVER A WEEKEND. She had a half hour. With my same yarn and needles (11s and icky acrylic,) and another knitter's advice (2 knitters providing more style options,) she actually got a garter swatch done. I was very impressed. She spent the afternoon walking around with the yarn in her labcoat pocket, knitting away. I'm sure our supervisors were just loving that I've created yet another addict. (Director came in and said to me...you just HAD to do that knowing her OCD, didn't ya....I evilly grinned.) I'm curious if she's gonna still be interested on Monday. I'm guessing yes! If anyone reading this happens to have some needles (probably 11 and up for beginner's scarf) and soft green yarns that they aren't wanting...give me a holler, and maybe I can buy them from you. I promised her purling and better supplies if she practiced! (she HATED the acrylic, but it's a good learning yarn because it doesn't split.)

stay cool, everyone!


colors of the sky

In Girl With a Pearl Earring, Vermeer opens Griet's eyes to clouds not being white. They're full of colors. That was the moment in the book that has lingered with me the most. Since then, I've spent hours studying stormy evening skies, intensely desiring to be able to piece together the colors to pin that moment down. As a knitter, I study the clouds for colors fibers could be. Could I ever make a sky as beautiful as tonite's in yarn?




who knew I could drive and take pics at same time? heh. Yes, with hands at 10 and 2 even.
Ravenclaw bookmark almost done. Worked on it tonite at Meetup with a nice group of gals at a great li'l coffeehouse. Chai 'n knitting. Life is good.


li'l bit of this, li'l bit of that

The advantage of daily blogging is not having to catch up, I can see.

The fun of festival weekend in my hometown will wait.
The fun of Tuesday knittin' last week must wait.
The pic of batman shawl will wait (tried to take pic without daylight. blech.)

on to This Week:

I think I'm noticing a trend in my obsessions hobbies. I enjoy studying them at least as much as the actual practice of them. I can tell you a lot more about knitting/cooking/reading than I've actually done. I don't think it's a bad thing, it's just less visibly productive. However, it makes for a very crowded kitchen and sizeable stash... I think I'm gonna work on more action, less theorizing in my life!

Things done recently:
reading - I'm gleefully off in Harry Potter-land again! Wanted to go to a bookstore party friday nite, but felt kinda silly going solo amongst the kiddies. Picked it up Saturday morning instead. Started a bit slow, but the cloak of Potter-ness is starting to wrap around me in a happy way. These books are just the most amazing escape. They've even spilled over into my...

knitting: working on 2 HP bookmarks.
One I'm doing flat in Ravenclaw colors for a co-worker (I'm a Ravenclaw, too, it would appear! What are you?)


pattern: 15 st wide garter
yarn: #5 DMC floss, colors 312 and 400 (blue and bronze, not sure which is which!)

needles: boye US 0 circ
dates: 07.17.05-present
p.s. look, Mom! the bag from the clinique goodies you gave me (love 'em, btw!) is much fancier than my usual CVS/ziploc bag small-project-holder.

and the other...
I started my first DPN circular project using Gryffindor colors. Note to self...learning DPNs on size 0 with #10 crochet thread...maybe not ideal plan. I probably should have read how to use these first or had a buddy help...naaaah.

Gryffindor bookmark

The clapotis is being neglected until the bookmarks are done. I'm anxious to get back to it!
(it's darker than this pic, I think. more of a burgundy.)


Quattro is just gonna have to wait until cooler weather. (yeah, that's my excuse.)

Belatedly, I made it to the LYS going-out-of-biz 50% off sale. Without patterns in mind, I wasn't really tempted very much. Got a great Jo Sharp pattern book, 1 bamboo circ needle, 2 novelty balls, and 2 sock yarn balls. VERY behaved compared to Anita, Bonnie, and others! Finally stopped by another LYS (1 More Stitch...can't find a link) that has hours clashing with my schedule. Rather crowded place, but really good collection of Rowan yarns and Addi's/accessories and back issues of mags/patternbooks. Good to know it's there IF I can get there! (got one old issue of IK. NO YARN! amazing, eh!)

and that's what's been hap'nin' with my knitting.
Wanted to send this out to the world...
y'all should know my parents are some pretty darn sweet folks. My mom was a doll and did up my laundry last weekend (I really took it there planning to do it myself!) and I'm always gleeful to find cards/hugs from her in my mailbox (the envelopes instantly do not look like bills or ads!) We won't even go into her yummy cooking... And Dad....is dad. He's sweet and generous and is where my 'green' soul came from. There's a safe feeling knowing the dwarf's little girl's daddy always has her back. love ya, m/d!
This week:
I hope to make it to 2 knit nites.
I hope to finish both bookmarks.
I plan to get back to my clapotis!
I'll be reading reading reading HP!
Maybe I'll start a mini-project for my secret pal. (note to self: send her a card this week!)
Speaking of sp5...if mine stops by...hi! Hope you got at least one of the thank you's I sent!

and...of course...I'll be busy blogstalking. heh.



...and so it continues.

My blogiversary is today. Not whimZknits, but my first blog. It was an outlet for me to combine a journal with creative writing. Some days were successful. Most were pointless babblings. It was exciting and scary and vulnerable and funny (to write.) I managed to finish writing my first (last?) short story during that time. Readers moved on, my interests shifted, and that blog faded away. The notion of blogging wasn't lost, tho. I still hope to turn whimZknits into something more like the blogs I rush to read most days. Regardless, I love being able to share things that matter to me with people that understand and offer support and laughs. I heart you blogville!

Looking back at my first post, times have indeed changed. Who would have guessed that the memory of the boy would have faded away and dating would be replaced with a love of yarn! (ok...I still hope to date someday. For now, tho, there are some pretty soft yarns out there to snuggle up to, they rarely make me cry, and they ALWAYS let me have the remote!) Thanks, R, for giving me my blog...it was more than a cure for EH. It was a door to new friends and the beginning of me finding my voice in the world.

Just for giggles, here was my first post ever:

07-06-04 07:05 pm
...and so it begins.

Beginnings are tricky things. (eh, so are endings for that matter.) I've been writing since I was 3, I think. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to pin what was in my skull onto a piece of paper in words. I also can't recall a time that I wasn't frustrated at my lack of ability to do so. Sometimes need overrides quality, and my musings are recorded.

A few years ago, I met a guy. Yeah, I know...that happens all the time. The newsworthy portions were that he inspired me to write more. and that he sometimes made me think the babblings weren't total crap. and that i thought i was in love with him (that can be debated at different times, different days.) and that he's a web junkie that one day said "you should start a blog."

For now...a good portion of this will probably relate to the above paragraph. Assuming my life has some new paragraphs in store...that will likely change. But, for now...the story begins with..."A few years ago, I met a guy."

I have a couple rules in my writing. I try not to edit. I think that it's cheating to alter what you obviously meant at the time it was written to what feels tastier right now. I try to record the time and events surrounding my writing. I'm notorious for spewing words right after seeing movies, drinking wine, etc. I try to use good grammar and spelling, but give exceptions to "i, tho, nite." ...and perhaps a few others. and i use non-capitalized sentence fragments. ...and I use dot.dot.dot a lot.lot.lot. deal with it.


...and so it begins.

Knitting news:
~ribbon shawl had its dinner debut. woohoo! no pics yet, tho.
~clapotis groweth. I love a pattern so easy to memorize that's more exciting than garter!
~working on a strange project for my dad. Let's just call it fiber experimentation.
~quattro is waiting patiently. I think it's resigned to perhaps needing cooler weather to be resumed.

Raise a glass of champagne (or Kool-aid. I'm not picky)...happy 1st year of blogging!


what have we here?

ok. we all know that work is kicking me in the behind. I figure this is fair considering my slacker days a decade ago. Still, I drifted through the past 2 weeks a, ahem, kinda cranky zombie. I have hopes this was just an extreme few weeks and the future will allow the work/play ratio to return to balance. (fingers crossed.)

So, I drag meself up the front steps on Thursday headed for the mailbox. but...what is this!? a package sitting above my mailbox? Could it be?!?

It was.

I had mail.
ever so LOVELY mail.

I thought about leaving the package for a more ceremonial moment of opening. nah. dropped my bags, scratched the cats' ears quickly and reached for the knife (tape slicer.)


sp5 package
SecretPal5 goodies!

As I opened the box, I could smell it before I saw it. In a really good way. My buddy didn't know this, but I had a 'scent' issue last week. I was working on a project, and kept feeling like something was missing. Lavender, I realized. I keep a Michaels lavender air freshener in my yarn bin, and the current project had never been in there. I had to go to Michael's to stock up on them last week. So, buddy, imagine my delight that you had pre-scented my yarn and goodies! My nose has been buried in the yarn several times in the past day (hey...only cats for witnesses. ...and I'm not the only yarn sniffer out there!)

Contents of the box:
~2 balls of Elann Endless Summer Sonata sock yarn in pretty light blue (so that I can cave in to that urge to enter the sock world!)
~2 balls Wool-Ease in purple/rose/teal twist (quite soft...will be fun to use)
~A little white knitted lavender sachet (more nose burying. Tho, twas funny...at first I thought it a cat toy and Murray thought so, too. As I read the note saying it was a sachet, I snatched it back and he's pouting that it's mine now. heh)
~a twirly purple drink parasol
~incense in lavender and magnolia (buddy doesn't know of my days working in hippy gift/jewelry shop. LOVE incense!)
~lavender glycerin soap (she suggested pretty smelling hands before using nice yarn. I agree!)
~burt's bees handcream (again, my shop sold Burt's. love the brand.)
~a neat hemp/beaded friendship bracelet. I wore it to work today, just kinda knotted up. I think I'll put a beaded clasp on somehow, even tho that breaks friendship bracelet notion. Not sure I can get away with wearing it 24/7. :-) I'm pretty sure it's my new lucky bracelet, tho!
~Dagoba is a fantabulous chocolate bar that stunningly survived on my 90 degree porch without even melting a teensy bit. It's organic dark chocolate with lavender and blueberries in it. Truly divine.
~a skein winder tool. (the white thing in back on right) I'm gonna have to study this a bit more. I think it will be a really cool useful tool once I figure it out. I want to try some kool-aid dying soon, and this sounds like the way to prep for that!

Pretty fantabulous goodies, eh!? THANK YOU, SECRET PAL!!! (I enjoyed your note, too. I like the feeling of being a kid with a pen-pal! I appreciate the time/care/thought you put into my goodies.)

quick knitting update:
-the ribbon shawl is REALLY close to being done. (AKA the batman shawl in my knitting group.) I just have a couple ends to weave in still (Bob sweetly did the rest.) Will try to post a pic/details this week.
-The quattro bag is still chugging along. I can see finishing the body of it fairly soon. It's just getting so big that it's HOT to knit with it on my lap! I really, really hope I like this once it's felted!
-The bookmark is still in need of official finishing (starch? tassels? beads?)
-(rolls eyes embarrassed at cliche....) I started a clapotis last weekend. I have a couple balls of Wool-ease in 'strawberry twist' that I picked up at Tuesday Morning during a CEHD (Cotton-Ease Hoarding Disorder) moment, and thought I'd play with the clapotis pattern using it. Almost done with first rep of increase section. Based on a poll of my knitting group last Tuesday, I believe the entire knitting world has either finished, started, or contemplated a clapotis. (But have you tried it in Cotton Ease, Bonnie?)
~so many other projects planned, it's insane. I'm guessing the next thing on the needles is gonna be socks, tho!

Happy 4th, happy knitting, all!