happy b-day to me!

it's not really my birthday until wednesday.

I have prezzies, tho! My folks sent me some $ to go shoppin', and I got some lovely bargains. For the record, I think if God wears shoes, they're quite possibly Skechers. ohso-ohso-comfie! (and cute, of course.) Shallow, yes. A girl, yes. Enjoying my new goodies, yes. It makes waiting for vacation a bit less stressful, a bit more festive. Is there anything better than bouncy new shoes!? glee.

knitting, um...haven't done any today. Really need to get cracking on the poncho. Need to work on Airy scarf(alas, have to start over. Too big of boo-boo to ignore. evidence of my lack of technique while KIP.) Want to start a dishcloth and the catbed. Trying to figure out what projects to take on trip...won't have internet patterns at hand, and can't take WHOLE stash!!

every night before I go to bed, I do 'gratitudes.' A psychotic self-absorbed buddy years ago was advised to do these by her shrink. It's a wonderful way to keep the world in perspective. I just list the things that I'm grateful for that day. Sometimes it's petty things like new shoes, sometimes it's being relieved to hear a loved one feels better. I try to put some global perspective in as well, acknowledging the blessing of a home, warmth, healthy body, and abundant food.

It makes fussing over packing, living without the internet, making frivolous decisions, and scowling at my messy apartment seem...well...silly. Give the gratitudes a try sometime...makes the world seem pretty mahvelous.

especially with new skechers.

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