pattern: Oliver from The Knitted Teddy Bear
yarn: Royale Silkessence Microfiber lt periwinkle and white
extras: DMC floss, heart buttons, snap, rhinestone eyes
needles: US2 bamboo
dates: 04.29.05-05.07.05

Despite skepticism and questionable comments about its future purpose (the body piece looked frighteningly g-string-like,) I finished Olly in time for Mother's Day! Lotsa knitting on toothpicks, lotsa seaming to do...but, in the end...we have a bear. Or, at least, a bear-like creature. Of indeterminate gender. heh. It is cute, and was fun to make. I wanted to fix the nose/mouth/eyes, but...Mom seems to like Olly 'as is,' so, there ya have it. A bear. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!

It was good to visit Mom. After her health scare a few weeks ago, I was excited to see her. She looks great and hopefully will start feeling that way soon as well! Had a nice time with both of the folks, and - as always- the trip was too short.

While I was up there, I started some slippers for her. Got one finished. It's a crazy little pattern, but very easy and fits nicely!


I'll post the details when the pair is finished. Highly recommended for a quick footie! Mom thought the MaryJane strap was a cute touch.

Princess wanted to show off her bed. It's not totally done, but on hold for a bit while I catch up on other things. I think she needs to double in size meanwhile....


It protects the chair from cathair at least!
I think the knitting is going to have to ease up for a while. I miss reading. I miss having my apartment cleaned up, heehee. Is the withdrawal toooooo painful, folks??
A big thanks to Bob for the 'backup' mom's day gifts. I think he doubted my speed and determination. His kindness and generosity continually surprise me.


Bob in Cincy said...

Laura says:
"...doubted my speed and determination. His kindness and generosity continually surprise me."

I didn't doubt your speed. I merely wanted to ensure that you had backup plans and other available options. :-)

Why should my kindness and generosity surprise you? The nicest people I've met lately (other than the ones my mother pays in regular monthly installments--Friends as they're called) have been knitters and yarn mavens (your alternative "polite" title :-).

So, I treat my friends like royalty, giving and giving and giving. Just wait until I need. Then I'll take and take and take. *hehehe* I guess this means that you should just accept my gifts and well-wishes, saving up for the day when I really need a favour.

Anyway, who isn't happy to get a RAOK or just a "pick-me-up" gift? HUH?


Bob in Cincy
yarnbob514 AT yahoo DOT com

Bonnie D. said...

Having seen Olly (a.k.a. GiGi) in person, he/she is absolutely adorable. The picture doesn't do him/her justice! I'm so glad you took a photo. I had an "OH NO" moment last night when I realized our trusty NEK photographer had not taken a photo. I'm glad I was wrong! Be sure to post a picture at NEK.

Fun time last night!