Unexpectedly Fine Knitting, part 2

...part II.

While under the influence of these marvy knitters, I got quite a bit of knitting done myself.
My version of the to-be-felted bag from Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living is 6" tall now. I started out with Cascade quattro, double stranded, and then switched to 1 strand quattro, 1 strand Cascade 220 blue. There are some more color shifts planned during the next foot or so I need to knit. Then a strap, then the felting, then I'll be stylin' with me very own bag, hurrah.

pre-felted bag w/BLO st markers

but wait! What are those orange dangly things??? Hmmm.....must be Bob's BLO stitch markers! Let's take a closer look at that one on the left....

closeup my BLO stitch marker

oooooh. pretty. But, gee, I don't remember seeing that in the BLO inventory...hmmm... must be because I got to play in Bob's bead box and design my very own set of markers, weeeeeee. Thanks, Bob!!!

The marker designing event took place after a very festive evening at Taste of Cincinnati. We did a first walk around for the appetizer/entree/beverage selections. Then, unlike your average Taste attendee, we had the decadent pleasure of getting to head back to the guys' nearby apartment for a knitting break before heading back down for the Dessert round. ...can you say STUFFED? 'Twas great fun, and Bob and Jeff were swell hosts.

Last week I stopped by the LYS and found a yarn that I just COULDn't resist. The 'clearance' price was more than I'd normally go for, but it was ...just....tooooo......soft. With dreamy colors. Saturday afternoon I decided to play with it, and 45 minutes later I had a Scarf. hmmmm....not scarf season. I take that back. I had a Belt! I wore it to Taste and even got a compliment on it, woohoo!

The yarn is called Costa Rica, so the postcard Mom/Dad sent me from there landed in the pic. I wish the colors came through in the picture (it's much more oceany pale)...it's a very wonderful colorway of blue/green/cream with a hint of pink. yummy.

pattern: 5 stitch wide drop stitch (3 K rows, *k1,YO* row, *k1, drop YO* row)
yarn: Gedifra Costa Rica color 3808
needles: festive red acrylic US15
dates: 45 minutes of 05.28.05!

Also OTN is a shawl that I started with the yarn I picked up at another LYS sale. With 40% off the store's entire inventory, I think the majority of the town's knitters were lured! I'm not using a pattern for the shawl (yeah, we're going there again.) I'm happy with it so far. No pics, alas. It's a burgundy/black/gray/pink shiny ribbon yarn. Very...ummm...flamenco-like. I'll keep ya posted.

so, there you have it. An Unexpectedly fine week of knitters and knitting!


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