There was a whole lotta giddy goin' on last nite.

this should be prefaced with the acknowledgement of my reputation of being easily amused.

I already mentioned my new furniture. That caused lots of happy dancin' to start with.

THEN, I took (after my skeptical comments) some knit-buds' advice and stopped by HalfPriceBooks on way home from work (yes, on saturday nite, and I-who-have-no-life volunteered for that shift,) and found my craved needlework book!!! CHEAP! Woohoo!
Insert more happy dancin'. A co-worker had loaned me that book, and I taught myself some crochet from it in 5 seconds. I very reluctantly returned it to her. It has oodles of pics and detailed instructions on every needlecraft (knit, crochet, embroidery, quilting, etc.) Love it. And now it's mine.

THEN, home to my furniture, too much pizza, and purring kitties and my VCR. Can you even imagine a life more fantabulous? (shhhhh....leave me here in giddyland.)
Here is the mouse I made for Bob last week. Murray agreed to do a bit of modelling, but didn't agree to be enthusiastic about it.
cable mouse and murray

Thanks, Murr. um....but, wait....we need to give that mouse to Bob's kitties. REALLY, we do. You have the OTHER mouse I made, remember? Please, Murr? Can I have the blue cable mouse back? backs away slowly...

don't touch my mouse

pattern: Catnip mouse WITH CABLE! from WendyKnits (with improvised i-cord tail, ears/nose/eyes)
yarn: cascade 220 color 8887/cascade quattro color 9432
needles: I forget! US7 bamboo?
dates: 05.13.05-05.15.05

Still finishing up Jen's slippers. I had a knitter's fantasy-come-true last nite. (this should probably have been included in giddy section.) I got paid to knit. Ok...the pay wasn't for the knitting itself, but I was pretending to be a receptionist and had plenty of downtime to knit. I nearly finished the slipper while I was there.
OH!OH!OH! The cool side to that act of KIP:
one of the guys that came in saw that I was knitting and said
"you do that stuff?"
huh? oh, knit!? yeah, i DO THAT STUFF.
"want some yarn?"
you have some!? this is an older guy that I'd never take to be a knitter...
"yeah. My wife passed away and there's a bunch of that stuff in the closet."
...he also has stored either embroidery or cross-stitch stuff, I'm guessing, from his description. He's going to bring it in for me. I figured at the very least I could use it for some charity knitting or give it to a school/sr center. Hurray for KIP!!!
(see, Jen, the good things your slipper has accomplished already?)
I'm hoping to cast on my purse today. (first felting project, first picked-up stitches, first knitting-in-the round. all sorts of glorious newness. Thank goodness for my new book and knowing the great gals of SnB have my back!)

giddiness, I tell you!


Bob in Cincy said...

Just the gals of SnB???

Bob ;-P

Anonymous said...

I go to sleep every night with visions of red hand-knitted slippers dancing on my feet