slip sliding away....

I need more time to knit.
I do.
I ran off for a little S.E.X. again this weekend (no, dear parents, you don't need to faint. It's a knitblog term. heh. S.E.X.=Stash Enhancement eXpedition) and have SO many projects I'm dying to start. Work and cleaning the apartment are so getting in the way of my knitting. harrumph. Visited a new-to-me LYS. Was very impressed. Alas, it's farther away than I'm willing to go for regular drooling fixes. Will be nice for shopping, tho.


  • Final seam for Mom's slippers (yeah, I said they were done. the KNITTING is done. I just ohso ohso don't like seaming.)

  • slipper_pb_seamed051505 slipper_pb_flat051505
    pattern: pocketbook slipper
    yarn: Caron simply soft Country Blue
    needles: bamboo US7
    dates: 05.07.05-05.10.05 ...except seaming, shaddup

  • My first experience with wool!!!!! I can see why folks are giddy over MS&W, etc. now. My days of acrylic/cotton/nylon may be fading. Jen never reads my blog unless I tell her to, so it's safe to say the wool is for some lovely bright red slippers for her (per her request.) Methinks she'll be very surprised/happy.
    but...um...are wool slippers practical for California summers??? hmmmm....
  • WOOL_red_slipper051505
  • Just finished a project that I can't post until tomorrow because it's a prezzie for one of the rare folks that reads my blog! again...there's seaming to do. grrrrr. BUT! I did get to practice a new skill that makes me giddy. And used some of the wool from the purse. What purse? The one that I'd be knitting if sleep/eating/work didn't interfere. It will surely be OTN this week.

Projects that MIGHT get started this week...

  • my first felted purse. I have the yarn. I have the pattern. I have the needles. I....have the time?

  • knit bookmarks. found some cute patterns, know some willing recipients. already have the yarn, hurrah.

  • Dad's Dad's-day present. Maybe. Yarn acquired, but still pattern waffling.

I'm ready for warmer weather. This spring has been so chilly! Rather, this spring WEEKENDS have been so chilly/rainy. Again, work just is soooo cutting into my Wants. (not really. Those that know me are aware I'm grateful for my job. Just wish it happened during those hours wasted on sleep!)

enough droning on for one day, eh.

oh, and the title was because the post featured slippers. Does anyone really like coming up with post titles??? I'm very impressed with those that are continually clever.

a true statement in general.

happy knitting!

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Anonymous said...

I have started reading your journal! So I won't be surprised, but still very happy! Yay, red slippers!