Unexpectedly Fine Knitting, part1

There was some fine knitting going on last week.
I'm not just talking about the sticks 'n yarn either.
(Tho, that wasn't too shabby.)
I'm talking about the fantabulous KNITTERS. I went to 3 SnB groups last week (even if they don't call themselves such,) and all 3 were...fantabulous.

Monday was Cincy SnB nite. I felt icky, but knew just being around these folks was medicine. Some good mint tea was the rest of the cure. I cast on the felted bag, and enjoyed hearing the others' tales. Kendall's sweater is gonna rock, I tell ya.

Tuesday I played hooky from my usual group and went to Nancy's gathering. What a hoot....great ladies, great knitting, great time, and, Nancy? great cookies! Nancy is one of those people you get to meet that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when she smiles. I was gifted a KnitPicks catalog (since I've signed up twice and STILL not received one...,) and Nancy offered moral support for my first picked up stitches along the base of the bag. Yeah, I think I missed a few, but everyone assures me that's the glory of felting!

Wednesday was the Cincinnati Knitting Group. Nancy dropped off MORE of those divine cookies, and Amy cheered me on as my bag started into its first few rounds. Bob was there for the usual laughs, and we finally got to see Liesl. The whole gang enjoyed the knitting and jabbering, and hopefully some cool felted items will be showing up soon. Afterwards, Starbucks beckoned yet again for some wind-down knittin' and chattin'.

Those 3 nites, and the extra-curricular knitting time with Bob, have just made me feel so blessed and excited about the world of knitting! When I started knitting, I never imagined that it would include this huge wonderful community of people. I really doubt most hobbies give a person access to so much generosity, laughter, education, support and friendship. Do joggers and tennis players and bookclub members have blogrings devoted to RAOK (random acts of kindness)? Do they know there are others out there cheerleading for them? Do they gather to swap stories and presents and guzzle coffee? I've stumbled into this world...lucky me!

This coming week I get to be a part of a NEW group of knitters. I joined SP5. It's a Secret Pal program in the land of knitblogs. For the next 3 months, I'll get to spoil another knitter somewhere in the world (haven't received my giftee yet,) and someone will be spoiling me! I'm so excited about being involved in this! I've read knitblogs constantly over the past 4 months, and I kept stumbling along posts of SP4 folks. They seemed to have such a great time both finding gifts for their pal and having Unexpected packages arrive. Woohoo! let the games begin....

phwew. All that, and I haven't even got to the knitting itself, or the weekend!
This calls for a 2-part post, I'm thinking.

...until then!

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