Happy All-things-Irish day!

Today is a big day for my family.
When I was little, the leprechauns would come in the night leaving (chocolate) gold coins, presents, and green oatmeal and orange juice. Go figure that I was often ill that day! More importantly, though...it's my parents' anniversary. Happy 49th!!

There are a few boo-boos in this that I wish were more invisible, but I just couldn't see tinking ANY more of this (I swear I'm going to start taking garter projects to SnB/work!!) I'm going to try blocking it, maybe that will make it more perfect, ha. It was a really soft cotton to work with, I love my brittany needles, and I learned a new stitch! Not a bad project for the week. So....Mom and Dad...happy anniversary! hugs!


(color is much prettier sage green than in this pic!)

pattern: shamrock dishcloth
yarn: elsebeth lavold Cotton Patine designer's choice, 100% combed cotton color 09
needles: brittany US6
dates: 03.14.05-03.17.05

p.s. the cats are FINALLY getting along tonite! hurrah! (and, knock on wood that it lasts....)

blocked version 03.20.05...looks much better in person than pic, thank goodness...
shamrock blocked

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