a new dream

I did it.

I frogged the poncho. I'm going from 39 stitches to 29, and size 19 needles to 13. I think it's gonna work. I hope it's gonna work! :-) (will she EVER just use a pattern??) I can feel a change in my knitting, just in the past few weeks. The first version of MND was a chore of counting, feeling lost. Tonite, I just felt a flow and the stitches seemed to count themselves. Soooo much more relaxing. (good chai at Kidd's coffeehouse didn't hurt!)

also worked on Airy scarf. Mohair thread...not so relaxing. I'm sure it will be beautiful in the end, but...I'll be working on it in private where I can swear unheard!

Now....sleep. I really really really hope I can sleep! The insomnia demons have been attacking for a few weeks and I'm turning into a zombie.

Big glass of warm milk time.

(hmmm...it's raining outside. A perfect peaceful sound for SLEEPING.)

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