a-swatchin' I go...

Knitting actual projects today would have been swell, but...I needed to learn a few skills/stitches first, so had a playful swatch day.

Started off teaching self how to work 2 colors (intarsia? not sure.) I was pleased about the joins in the same row, but was a bit confused when I tried to zig my zag. I'm not sure how to match up the purls...same column? the one I'm zagging to?
OK...most people would use a book/teacher/friend to learn this. Nope. Just trial and error. Also, I could only figure out how to do this in stockinette. When I tried using garter, my 2nd color was always danglin' from opposite side.
more "hmmm..."
Thank goodness for online groups and my SnB! Here's the view of THAT practice:

2 color swatch

The 2nd thing was learning *Yrn, P2tog* 2 times, after either K or P stitches. I only knew how to YO by having yarn on 'wrong' side. Today we learned fancy wrappin'! hurrah! Wonderful help was found here and from Ann (thanks!) on KnittingNovices. My loverly results:


Now I can finish working on the _______ for my parents' anniversary! (they're St Pat's lovebirds, 49 years!)

other news:
  • My usually sweet cats are being evil. Pure evil. Wanted to start the catbed from SnB handbook, but, noooooo, I don't think so. Listening to screaming and meowing all day was not proper inspiration, my dearies.
  • Tasty cheesy poofs that were on sale at CVS are not conducive to fingers clean enough for knitting (altho I have seen a garish orange yarn before that would allow swatching AND eating cheesy poofs!)
  • The poncho still isn't frogged. Just need to do it. Want to have it remade before vacation!
  • weekends are NOT long enough!

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