no, no...not 3 ponchos.

the same poncho. Attempt #3.

I'm happy when I read other blogs of projects that get frogged over 'n over 'n over 'n.... I feel a LITTLE less silly.

The smaller needles made a lovely fabric. I was thoroughly enjoying the knitting. A lightbulb went off as I fell asleep...the poncho was going to weigh 50 lbs and be warmer than a winter coat. Ribbit. Fewer stitches, back on bigger needles (as was suggested to me by wiser ones in the first place....) 1/2-way done now, lookin' good.

Vacation...1 week. I'm very excited. I'm somewhat stressed. I'm a horrible packer. The notion of backpacking across Europe makes me giggle...me and my staff carrying 50 annex backpacks maybe! Aaaah, to be a carefree girl with a black t-shirt and khakis and no luggage. hmmmm....I still have a week to become that girl. hmmmm. upside: I think I'll clean my closet today and put together a box (or 20)of things to give to charity.

Question...has anyone ever left 2 (indoor) cats alone for 8 days?? I'm not having any luck finding a catsitter!!

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