it's a washcloth

my first washcloth!
pattern: flying geese
yarn: sugar n cream countryside ombre

needles: bamboo US7
start: 03.07.05
complete: 03.09.05

still haven't really got around to getting this blog-worthy.
felt urge to post regardless.

made a washcloth this week.

Decided to frog the poncho and try smaller needles, smaller scaled pattern, and MEASURE it this time. Doing things freeform is definitely relaxing/creative/energizing, but...ya take the results ya get!

It's been a sad week in knitville. After the washcloth, I hung up my needles for a few days. (ok, I snuck a swatch in!) I seem to be developing some sort of thumb/wrist ailment (carpal tunnel? or just overuse?) I used the hand a LOT at work this week, so maybe it just needs rest and less time on small needles. I got one of those thermogenic wrist/hand braces. I think it will help while I'm on the computer, but not sure it's ideal all the time. Fingers turning blue from suffocation might be a bad sign. heehee.

The bright side... the time off will give me opportunity to turn poncho into yarn.

happy knitting, all!

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