spring green

made a scarf yesterday.
I like the pattern, yo drop it from SnB Nation, even tho I seem destined to start over more than finish things. (cast on waaaay too many stitches and was just loving the process of knitting far too much to notice the scarf was too wide for a foot or so.) Yes, she's one of the slow ones.... I seem to just enjoy the tactile nature of the yarns and the pretty colors long before the pattern of the FO sinks in. Same happened with poncho that's begging me to get to it today...

Happy Spring Green to everyone!

(teddy generously modeled.)

pattern: yo drop it, SnB Nation
yarn: Classic Elite Tinsel color 7481
needle: plastic US11
dates: 03.19.05...1 day!

OTN: airy scarf from Last Minute Gifts in pale lime green mohair/silk


Lisa said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. I love getting them! I know what you mean, about loving the process and the tactile-ness (sp?) of knitting more than the FO. The finished project is often an afterthought for me. Happy blogging and knitting!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the compliments about my Clapotis. If you enjoy the process the most, you must try Clapotis. I can't say enough good things about knitting it. I love all the green I see on your blog. My favorite color!

Have a lovely day,